To make your place on the web, you must then follow certain golden rules of SEO positioning.  The Search Engine Optimization is the set of optimization techniques and actions that improve the positioning of a website in search engines. SEO is therefore not only an objective, it is a set of techniques and means put in place. The operation of the SEO positioning is relatively simple to understand. When a user enters a request on the search bar of a search engine, and results are displayed, it is SEO techniques that contribute to the positioning of web pages. In opposition to the payment to position a web page on search engines called paid referencing or SEA , SEO referencing is referred to as natural referencing .

SEO offers a better return on investment than paid SEO. Getting good SEO positions on Google is more profitable in the long run.  1. Technical Slovakia Email List procedures for SEO The first golden rule of SEO positioning is to adapt the architecture of a website and its pages to the requirements of search engines. It is then necessary in particular to integrate the right information in the URLs, to take care of its tags as well as the names of your images . It is also necessary to optimize the loading time of the pages or to make the site entirely compatible with mobiles. We then speak of a responsive site.

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How SEO positioning works

2. Editorial procedures for SEO The second golden rule to optimize the SEO positioning of your web pages is the editorial factor which concerns the constraints on your web content. Your content must indeed meet the requirements of search engines, and in particular Google. Google appreciates unique and quality content . In addition to the major importance of producing consistent (minimum 300 words) and quality content, you must use rich and relevant semantics around your main keyword . Mastery of web writing is essential to improve your SEO positioning.

3. The netlinking process for SEO The third golden rule of SEO positioning is netlinking, that is to say the development of internal (your own site) and external (backlinks) links within your content. The backlinks are especially highly valued links by search engines, links are a good guarantee of quality for content. Be careful, however, to choose backlinks to reliable sites that are as qualitative as yours! An effective netlinking strategy will allow you to gain notoriety. This gain in notoriety is a great lever for boosting your SEO positions. 4. Strengthening community management The fourth rule to optimize your positioning is to deploy yourself on social networks . Because search engines are attentive to the deployment of web pages on social networks, you must strengthen your community management .

The golden rules of SEO positioning

To do this, publish quality content regularly, launch original and viral campaigns and unite your community. An effective social media strategy also allows you to promote your content. It is also a good way to get backlinks. 5. Use of analysis tools The last golden rule of SEO is to track the positioning and performance of your website. You can first carry out this monitoring using Google’s analysis tools. In order to be able to adjust your technique, regularly analyze all your data using Google Analytics and Google Search Console . You can also use the analysis tools used by SEO professionals such as Yooda Insight and Yooda SeeUrank . The SEO positioning tracking allows you to monitor your positions on Google over time. The objective of this positioning monitoring is to react in the event of significant movements to maintain and improve your SEO positions .

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