The company. The agile method in action: 10 minutes to understand everything 2 Second case study: that of Netflix . The streaming service is turning the agile method to its advantage in terms of content creation, customer relationship management and marketing. Perhaps you can be inspired by: 1. Netflix does not produce pilot episodes. Instead Uruguay WhatsApp Number List of wasting considerable time and resources producing an episode that is not guaranteed to be successful, Netflix relies on data collection and analysis to predict user habits, increase success rates and create programs that will generate maximum attendance. 2. Netflix constantly takes customer feedback into account.

Thus, the platform is constantly aware of the positioning of its users and can adapt in real time so that everyone is a winner. 3. Netflix can be streamed on 900 different interfaces , which means that the company has a perfect understanding of the use of cross-browser tests according to consumer demands. 4. Netflix favors frequent and regular releases. The platform creates content that it distributes in shorter cycles, as recommended by the agile method of project management. 5. Netflix operates on the basis of detailed agile goals that take into account each viewer , creating personalized content, recommendations and analysis based on browsing history and customer journey.

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Further thoughts and challenges ahead for agile enthusiasts Research indicates that 76% of companies will see their turnover increase in 2020, especially those that use the agile method . In general, one of the reasons companies find themselves in difficulty is simply their basic process approach (Williams, 2010). This can serve as a lead for anyone intending to survive in a world where every business is quickly affected by massive and complex changes. In fact, it is increasingly difficult to find a more ingenious and versatile method than agility (Steven Denning, Forbes).

Despite its few flaws , such as the requirement for a high level of investment from each member of the team as well as from the sponsors, or less detailed documentation in order to facilitate the progress of the project through validation at each stage, the agile method nevertheless represents a technological revolution which is still improving to this day. The good news is that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will allow this approach to have even more applications. We can therefore predict that the agile process will become even more fluid, since traditional tasks will be more automated and work teams will be smaller, which will result in improved communication and efficiency (Williams, 2010).

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Technology is in constant revolution. Now more than ever, marketers can leverage a wide range of tools and tactics to build a great customer experience and increase conversions and sales. One of the most discussed innovations in recent years has been the chatbot. This digital invention builds a bridge between Artificial Intelligence and humans to enable a more interactive and efficient customer relationship . What is a chatbot? The Oxford Dictionary dates back to the 1990s the suitcase word chatbot which contracts chat (chatter) and bot (short for robot) and defines it as “a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially on the Internet”.

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