Claim each of your establishments and properly complete the Identity Confirmation step.  The interactions between institutions and users are important in ranking on Google Maps. When you respond to reviews, you’re giving Google proof that customer and user reviews are important to you. Then encourage your customers to leave Egypt Email List a review. If positive reviews improve your visibility, good management of negative reviews is just as useful.  On the user side, the photos allow them to get an idea of ​​the services to which they will be entitled by going to your point of sale. For Google, this approach is seen as a desire to give potential customers as much information as possible to better guide their choices. And that’s a good point for you.

Internet users frequently carry out searches to find an establishment close to their position. Google displays results taking into account several criteria, including proximity to registered brands. The distance This key parameter considers the distance between the starting position indicated by the Internet user and each establishment that can meet their needs. If no starting position is specified, the user’s location at the time of the search is used by default. According to Go-gulf data, 72% of Internet users searching on Google Maps end up visiting a retailer within 8.5 km. Relevance The profile of your establishment must correspond to the expectations of the Internet user.

Egypt Email List

Frequently add photos

It is on this condition that your point of sale is displayed as a result of its query. It is therefore essential to provide complete and precise information on your Google My Business listing . Google can then better understand your activity and judge if it fits with a query. Prominence Google takes into account the degree of popularity of places to offer them to Google Maps users. Thus, an establishment more popular in practice than on the Internet has every chance of being well positioned. For this popularity criterion, reviews and ratings also count. The ranking of establishments combines all these factors. For example, in response to a request from an Internet user, between two brands where the first is more distant than the second, but better rated and more popular than the latter, Google gives priority to the first.

Optimize the GMB profile of each of your points of sale to better position them on Google Maps! With Google Analytics for example, you can find out: the time spent by each visitor on your site the number of pages / sessions opened the bounce rate the conversion rate, etc. As for the use of Google Search Console , it will allow you to analyze and improve the performance of your site in terms of search on Google. With this tool, you will have two tables, one of which presents key figures relating to your site in the Google search engine. The second table deals with the requests on which your site is present. It provides the number of clicks, click-through rates, devices used, etc. Google Search Console allows you to have a detailed report on the SEO of your site and to make the right decisions.

Manage reviews intelligently

SEO ultimate key point: create a community around the site Once the technical work is done , finally focus on the human aspect to bring traffic to your site. The tenth and last key point of SEO is to unite the people who read your articles. The objective: to create in them a feeling of belonging to a community. With this in mind, show yourself close to them by regularly replying to certain comments and thanking everyone for following you. You can also organize contests from time to time in order to create a healthy emulation within the community. To get more people interested in your website, invest in social media. On each of your pages, there should be share buttons . These will be used to relay your content on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Encourage your readers to share your articles and invite them to your pages or to your groups if you have any on social media. This will boost the natural referencing of your site because, the more visits it has, the more Google will be convinced of its reliability and quality. SEO is a set of methods to be ranked higher by search engines. If you are new to this, you can take some training. Otherwise, entrust the task to an SEO agency or an SEO expert .search console insights social mediaIt is clear that it is Facebook that brings the most traffic to the AntheDesign site. By taking links from other referring websites, you will more easily detect the referenced website. You will therefore contact him for a possible collaboration. Thus, you will develop your own networking.

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