By taking the time to write well-argued articles with high added value, you bring credibility to the products sold on your site and you create links with your prospects. What better way to make yourself known on the web than social networks? Marketers have now understood this and more than 5 million companies now include Facebook in their advertising strategy. A boon for the social network which, in 2017, had already observed an increase of more than 50% of its advertising revenues . (source ) social media blog What if you, too, took advantage of this social media giant’s audience? So, obviously, this is not about inviting you to invest in Facebook advertising (unless you can afford it ).

No, thanks to your e-commerce blog and as long as your articles are interesting enough for readers, you can simply let your community share Saudi Arabia Email List your publications. In addition, for natural referencing, this is an excellent point. Why ? Because, the more Internet users distribute your articles on the networks, the more you increase your chances of seeing your traffic increase. And that, Google, he loves! This is yet another way to optimize your positioning in search engines. And all this without spending a single cent… Identifying the needs and expectations of his customer, this is an essential element for an e-merchant, isn’t it? Yes, but we have to admit that it is often easier said than done.

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How do you make sure that the products or services you sell are in line with your customers’ desires? Thanks to an e-commerce blog, you can initiate exchanges within the community. And let Internet users express their interests and desires. How to do ? Well, it’s simple, when you broach a subject in an article, invite the user at the end of it to give his opinion or share his experience. In general, they love it. Not only does it help to create closeness between you and your client, but in addition, the information contained in the comments quickly becomes a gold mine of ideas to be exploited. Of course, for this to work, you will not hesitate to maintain a dialogue with the Internet user, otherwise your blog may lose all its interest.

So, yes, it takes a little time to spare, but in the end, it really pays off, believe me! Making your online store a profitable business already requires a hell of a lot of investment, it’s true. Associating an additional blog may appear to you as an additional constraint. But in the end, thanks to the visibility you will offer your e-commerce through its content, your efforts will quickly be rewarded. Besides, you don’t have to write the articles for this blog yourself if you don’t feel like an author or if you are angry with the writing. Web writers can take charge of content writing. After all, everyone has their own job !Test the positioning of the SEO agency A web referencing agency , worthy of the name, must be well positioned in search results, if only in its locality.

The e-commerce blog helps you better understand your customers’ expectations

If the agency itself does not manage to refer itself well to its sector of activity, what can it bring you? Do not hesitate to type in Google words like “seo agency” or “SEO agency” possibly followed by the name of your city. This will allow you to see its positioning . The FIVE GOLDEN rules of SEO positioning Request and verify customer references If this agency has a few years of experience, it must have had a few clients. It is a good omen to ask for references, possibly with the results of the actions carried out. You can also contact the clients in question directly: this will give you information on the agency’s listening skills, communication and expertise.

Ensure the financial health of your SEO agency SEO is a long-term job. It can take months, sometimes years of work to achieve the expected results. You will therefore surely have a long-term relationship with your SEO agency. Changing providers along the way can be disabling. So make sure that your SEO agency is afloat financially and that it doesn’t risk closing overnight. Request an interview with your future SEO agency Finally, talk to your SEO agency before signing up with them. Telephone, skype or in person, offer him an interview to discuss your expectations and have a quote drawn up. You can ask him your questions: what SEO tools are used? Does it have references in your industry? What are the SEO techniques used?

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