Finally, you should sort through the proposed solutions to keep the best ones. 4. Prototyping: prototyping different solutions The prototyping phase requires that you and your team actually develop the solutions that you found during the think phase. It may take a number of trials to build a satisfactory prototype. However, the Mexico WhatsApp Number List important thing is that you come out of this phase with something to test, which brings us to the last phase. 5. Test: initiate actions and see results During this phase, you test your prototype to see whether or not it performs as expected. If it works, then good, you’re done.

Otherwise, you have to go back to one of the previous five phases and start from there. Design thinking at the heart of innovation processes The design thinking is as a tremendous asset for businesses. By placing the understanding of the needs and expectations of the end user at the heart of the creation of new services or solutions, it makes it possible to deliver the right product at the right time and in the most suitable format: the one with the most luck. to meet your audience, to experience success or to achieve the objectives set by the company. Identifying yourself with your end customer and questioning your prejudices are the keys to a relevant innovation approach.

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The Most Ethnically And Racially Diverse , As Pew Research Shows.

For example, GE Healthcare has imagined a fun experience around its MRI machine to reduce children’s anxiety when faced with this particularly stressful examination and to facilitate the work of doctors. Before settling into the machine, the little patients follow a playful journey of which they are the heroes and which leads them to the controls of a spaceship (the MRI cabin itself). Thus, the noise it emits during the examination is no longer perceived as frightening. Another example of a successful design thinking approach , that carried out within SNCF in 2015.

After having trained more than 100 of its employees in design thinking , the group launched a major reflection and a series of tests with a view to rethinking its signage at the station to make it more readable for travelers. Place co-creation and the user at the center of innovation A growing number of luxury brands, Baume for example, are investing in personalization , online and in store. The design thinking is the ability of the company to anticipate how customers will interact with their product or service and to identify potentially negative points in this experiment to erase them. This innovation approach will force it to break down barriers by bringing together various profiles around the table who are not used to working together (developer, marketing and sales department, etc.).

Creative Approach From Marketers. For Example, Fans Of Tiktok, Fortnite,

Instead of the presuppositions and general studies that hitherto guided creation, companies will now favor collective intelligence. However, this co-creation process is insufficient to deliver a truly unforgettable experience. The company must also put the customer back at the center of its project and therefore enter into a logic of permanent questioning. Thus, the design thinking approach will alternate, throughout the creative process, phases of analysis, production and testing. The company will have to increase its field studies, multidisciplinary workshops and direct experiments to provide feedback from users and thus refine its project in real time.

BAUME has partnered with Hapticmedia for the development of its configurator as well as for the implementation of an augmented reality solution. The results of these technological innovations are stunning: a 3D rendering almost identical to that of the physical watch, perfect fluidity facilitating the ergonomics of the configurator and the bracelet in augmented reality allowing our customers to try their watch without having it physically. . Hapticmedia understood our needs, both in terms of design and customer experience , and developed them with great ingenuity! Marie Chassot, Head of BAUME It is in this dynamic that Hapticmedia leads all of its achievements.

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