The raison d’être of Design Thinking: why is it so popular in today’s world? In-depth understanding of the customer and effective problem solving This concept adopts a customer-centric strategy by striving to understand their needs and developing effective solutions to meet them. It is the definition of a solution-oriented approach to Malta WhatsApp Number List problem solving. In order to achieve this goal, it is recommended to identify strategies and alternative solutions that might not be immediately obvious at a first level of understanding. That’s why this approach is primarily about putting a deep interest in knowing your customers and designing the products and services that are right for them.

It is necessary to develop empathy for the target user and help him to solve his specific requests. This includes interacting with the customer, putting yourself in their shoes, questioning all assumptions and thinking outside the box. Proven advantages: innovation and efficiency, customer retention and loyalty, increased ROI According to Forrester, teams that apply IBM’s design thinking method and are staffed with talented designers are coming to market twice as fast as others . These teams see their design and development time cut by up to 75% . Forrester found that with this faster pace of work, design thinking teams are continually reducing costs, lowering risk, and ultimately increasing profitability.

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A health and social services organization reduced its number of anomalies by more than 50% thanks to the effective use of design thinking . This more efficient workflow results in a calculated ROI of over 300% . In addition, design thinking also promotes the retention and loyalty of customers whose needs are immediately met. When customers see their needs better met, they are more likely to stay loyal to a company or brand. The principles of Design Thinking The Human Rule – Whatever the context, all design-related activities have a societal connotation and they always revolve around a “human-centered perspective”.

The rule of ambiguity – Design thinking opens the door to ambiguity because it requires experimenting with knowledge and seeing things differently. The Overhaul Rule – Basic human needs will always remain the same even as technology and social factors change. The redesign takes place to meet human needs or achieve certain results. The Tangibility Rule – Converting ideas into tangible prototypes helps designers communicate more effectively. The five phases of design thinking Even if the concept is in vogue, design thinking is far from being a recent notion since it emerged in the sixties. It then presented itself as a new way of innovating in scientific fields.

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In the 90s, David M. Kelley, founder of the consulting agency IDEO, adapted this concept to the needs of the company by redefining it around 5 essential axes: 1. Empathize: develop empathy for the end user In this phase, designers are encouraged to take the time to get to know the user and try to put themselves in their shoes. Data on users should be collected and interviews conducted with them to try to truly understand their frustrations and needs. After this step, designers should feel like they really understand the user. 2. Define.

define the user’s needs or frustrations The definition step consists of taking into account the information gathered about the user during the empathy phase and defining a set of problems encountered by the user and that your team must solve to improve their life. This step should clarify what exactly your team is supposed to be working on. 3. Reflect: imagine innovative solutions by questioning your prejudices During this phase, you and your team start to think and get creative to generate the possible solutions to the problems the user is facing. You should try to come up with as many potential solutions as possible after a number of brainstorming sessions.

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