Beyond the new logo , our new website and our new visual identity aim to increase the visibility of our agency and highlight our skills and our achievements. Before changing our visual identity and creating a logo , we took the time to analyze the existing with the greatest possible objectivity, the idea was to highlight the positive points and areas Angola Email List for improvement. anthedesign logo v1 From this analysis, we came to the following conclusion: Through our new logo, we want to bring out our dynamism and our creativity with a choice of more vivid colors, the colors chosen at the beginning were adapted to the design which took again a wave. On the design side, the trend today is flat design and our logo included reflections.

Uses of the logo: On the website, on social networks, in recruitment and loyalty mailings, in the newsletter, in documents such as invoices, quotes, etc. Technical constraints : Partial recovery of our current identity (without this becoming a brake on creativity) , preferably a rather horizontal form (less horizontal than v1) easier to insert in the header of a website, provide a square variation (or almost) for social networks in particular. Color (s): 1 to 2 colors at most (+ white), possible variations Must express dynamism and seriousness, must be trendy … but all other proposals will be welcome The logo will be used at 90% on a white background Symbolism of colors: The image Reassuring, the world of the web can be scary.

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After the analysis of the existing one, the brief of the new logo

some have unhappy experiences with the web, Give the image of a modern and dynamic “technological and innovative” company , Flat design spirit design and easily identifiable, Prohibit anything that is “dated” or “out of date” in the web mode: for example an @ Elements to integrate into the logo The name: anthedesign The words: web agency or web agency Baseline Web agency or web agency Optional slogan Pixel perfect web agency or digital pixel perfect web agency The different tests and the final version of our new logo in pictures anthedesign logo testLogo discarded, the leaf takes the shape of the wave of the V1 logo. The shape of the leaf and its pencil-shaped extension need to be refined. anthedesign logo test 2Alternative proposal interesting but not retained.

New anthedesign logoLogo retained, the orange leaf symbolizes growth and regeneration, the pencil symbolizes design and creativity. The orange color for dynamism. Our web agency has evolved, it was natural to change our logo. In addition, this work gave us the opportunity to rethink our positioning and translate it through our new, Liberation, Figaro,, Journal du Net) 500 million downloads of Candy Crush, 700 million games of Candy Crush played every day around the world, 1st place on IOS, Android and Facebook at the same time, Candy Crush generated 14.5 million Tweets, 91% of players are over 21, knowing that all age groups are represented. Addict? Addict? The Candy Crush game has more than 400 levels and everything is done for the player to become addicted and spend as much money as possible.

Orange: joy, dynamism, creativity, communication, safety, optimism

Some players are willing to spend € 200 per month to progress in the game! Mark Griffiths, director of the unit on the game, from the University of Nottingham, says addiction Candy Crush “The first reason is the fact that these games offer a fun experience for a short time (…) The second is based on the idea of ​​operant conditioning; Like a slot machine, the game rewards actions and punishes others, that’s how we learn ”. According to some accounts, teenagers play games during lessons, employees during their working time and there are even mothers who forget to pick up their children when they leave school!

A priori, when you start Candy Crush you can’t stop! Thomas Gaon, clinical psychologist working in addictology, reassures “some people can play to excess, (…) provided they do not lose control of their life, as in the case of alcohol addiction” … “He does not nothing pathological ”. Candy Crush Candy Crush fans can continue to play without fear, they are not addicts but rather addicted. Addiction results in the inability to abstain, leading to long and negative repercussions on the whole of life. It’s like everything, consume Candy Crush in moderation! Heavy consumption can present a risk of isolation as with all video games!

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