25-30% of customers show a high interest in purchasing such products , making customization a huge market for potential incoming customers . This trend is confirmed in the Consumer Barometer survey conducted by the KPMG and IFH Switzerland WhatsApp Number List Cologne agencies (Muehlbauer, 2017), in which a panel of 500 consumers interested in personalized products was interviewed. Three in ten consumers have already prepared a product design that matches their personal preferences.

The pollsters also estimate that even customers who have not yet taken the plunge into customized products are likely to do so in the near future. Of those surveyed, 43% expect to see more customization offers and 55% of experienced customers are willing to, but mostly able to, spend more on purchasing these products (KPMG, 2017). In conclusion, companies are expected to begin using mass customization to change the way consumers perceive their products, to meet their demands, and to take advantage of their willingness to spend more on products.

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products of choice (Muehlbauer, 2017). Take the example of Ralph Lauren: the brand allows its customers to customize several products online, including baby clothes, bathrobes, pet outfits, as well as their famous polo shirts (Garner, 2018). This idea of ​​”Create Your Own” enjoys great popularity among consumers, as it offers them the opportunity to create unique products while reducing inventory and improving the ability of brands to meet customer needs. customer needs . ! [] (/ uploads / Capture (1) .jpg) Source: Ralph Lauren official website An increased demand for customization among millennials Research suggests millennials are now one of the driving forces behind mass customization . In fact, almost half of the people of this generation see their frequency of updating increase .

Millennials feel a personal connection to brands. Companies must not lose sight of this and must continue to innovate and offer personalized solutions to the fluctuating needs of a generation with increasing purchasing power. By allowing them to feel included in the production cycle, from design to manufacture and packaging to delivery, companies not only provide Millennials with unique products, but also make them ambassadors of their brands. Customer engagement is now central As brands are now focused on building customer base loyalty and investing heavily in this industry,

it is evident that customer engagement offers brands an effective way to address this issue by allowing consumers to directly participate in the process. creation of personalized products. Customers are thus free to customize products that are perfectly suited to their specific needs and requirements, which has the effect of skyrocketing the rate of customer engagement and loyalty . More importantly, brands can add value to their products and increase their prices . The field of diversity is wide: it is therefore necessary to find an approach that will meet the specific needs of customers.

The diversity of customer needs has increased tremendously due to the internet revolution and technological advancements. Consumers today have easy access to information and expect brands to provide specific solutions to their needs, which confirms Frank Piller’s idea that mass customization only “takes advantage of the ‘heterogeneity of customer needs’. Companies that allow their customers to customize their purchases according to their needs tend to generate more profit and turnover by allowing themselves to increase prices and gradually move towards a more upscale market .

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