Web technology company NetEase, for example, has changed its campaign from the content originally planned, read below: “Don’t linger in front of this poster. You should have found our advertising campaign there for the period from February 23 to 29. Although Russia WhatsApp Number List the situation seems to be improving, we still recommend that you do not congregate in public places and that you do not stay static for too long in front of this poster. Stay wisely at home and take care of yourself while you wait for the arrival of spring ” 5.Adopt a direct approach to the customer to better meet their needs and boost performance.

In our current world marked by rapid changes in technology and digitization, brands practicing direct sales to the consumer (D2C / DTC) such. Glossier or Reformation are gaining ground. This necessarily encourages already well-established brands to follow the example and reorient their strategy to include D2C / DTC. This type of strategy is particularly reliable and effective because it is independent from retailers and therefore allows the brand’s sellers to be in direct contact with customers and to have the best impact at every stage of the decision-making and experience process. customer in order to always get closer to their needs.

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6. Identify opportunities and provide solutions The coronavirus pandemic is a time of isolation, worry, uncertainty and loss of confidence. In these difficult times, consumers need comfort and opportunity to find solutions to their problems. Depending on their targets and objectives, brands should seek to focus on the responses expected by customers in their market. A concrete example could be that of beauty brands having had the idea of creating skin care rituals in response to the problems caused by inappropriate use of masks : this ultimately fairly simple strategy has proved to be a success because it has been highly regarded by consumers.

The development of the use of technologies in luxury marketing after the crisis According to Gartner, 46% of retailers plan to deploy virtual or augmented reality solutions in 2020 to offer an active and unified customer experience that supports a message to be conveyed and leads to customer conversion; Another figure, it is estimated that augmented reality technologies will reach up to 100 million customers in 2020, cumulative online support and physical stores. The coronavirus epidemic has forced many brands to rethink their strategy relating to communication channels and to always think digital.

Some visionaries had already implemented the most advanced technologies such as 3D configurators as well as virtual and augmented reality tools, machine learning-based programs, chat robots or even live streaming, thus perfectly meeting ever more demanding demands. accessibility and personalization on the part of consumers. Currently, in order to remain effective at the marketing level, it is becoming even more important to accelerate this transformation.

According to Gartner, 40% of marketing executives consider personalization tools to have a positive impact on sales volume, average cart size and profits in direct-to-consumer segments such as e-commerce, an additional 37% point meanwhile an increase in sales and customer lifetime value. Contact Hapticmedia and immediately deploy a technology that will boost your sales With more than 10 years of experience, Hapticmedia is a leader in the industry of 3D configurators combined with augmented reality technologies . As our collaborations with Guerlain and Kenze demonstrate, our solutions offer your customers a unique and active online shopping experience during which they can configure and personalize their products directly on your web e-commerce platform.

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