Internet users are living with the times and favor fresh content. Whether they’re looking for a high-tech product or a restaurant menu, they don’t want to stumble upon information dating back to Methuselah. So, at work: regularly publish original content related to current events and / or web trends (to optimize the natural referencing of your pages) , offer added value to your readers. And be the first to react to major changes affecting your field of activity, in order to always reaffirm your expertise. Do you have hundreds of old items? They are not lost: update them to give them a boost!  “People don’t read too long content”, “no need to write a novel”… It’s a fact: on the web, anything that exceeds a few hundred words too often looks like heresy. In reality, it is the opposite.

Not only do digital readers like long content, but Google does too. Indeed: length is often synonymous with relevance, and in the eyes of the  USA Email List search engine, relevance is the Holy Grail. A subject treated in depth will therefore attract readers and help boost your SEO ! Proof of this is: on Buzzsumo, the most extensive content (3,000 words and more) is also the one that most engages the audience on social networks. long content graphic seo tipsLong content graph – SEO tips 2 – Source Buzzsumo 3.Focus your natural referencing on the long tail No, the long train has nothing to do with wedding dresses. This is the name given, in SEO jargon, to keywords made up of 4/5 terms or more.

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1.Post fresh SEO content on your blog

Still too many natural referencing specialists are bent on working with generic keywords, certainly very popular but also highly competitive, which give little or no results. The secret of success lies on the long tail side : it allows you to personalize your traffic acquisition strategy by better targeting your audience, and by offering products / services that perfectly meet the expectations of your prospects. 4.Reference to the local level The subject of the long tail brings us directly to local SEO. This type of natural referencing aims to optimize its web pages on geographically targeted queries, in particular by specifying the city (“buying an apartment in Paris”) .

It is THE essential SEO technique for years to come! Do you want concrete proof? 88% of mobile users do local searches; 84% do so on tablets and computers; 40% of all search engine queries are local; 47% of clicks made after a local search relate to Google Maps results. (Source: Abundance ) The local SEO is all levers that allow you to appear in the results when such requests. The first of these levers is quite simple: it consists of registering on Google My Business and providing as much information as possible about your business. 5. prepare for voice search This is a subject that we have already mentioned on the blog, but it is worth remembering: voice search will turn SEO upside down (or is it already?) . And for good reason: in 2015 in the United States, 20% of all requests made on Google were made orally.

2. Write at length to make it clear

especially on a mobile device. Is this the end of the keyboard? Should we soon expect to see an army of mobile users in the middle of a conversation with Google in the streets? Probably not. But what is certain is that SEO is forced to adapt, because: The requests are longer, The searches are more natural (with real sentences in them, and not Google gibberish) , Key expressions have fewer errors (automatically corrected by the interface) , The majority of questions are asked (“Hey Google, who’s the prettiest?”) . And that’s good for your SEO, since the highly prized Position Zero on Google is most often reserved for requests for voice searches! Conclusion: a whole SEO world open to you SEO is like a bicycle.

if it stops moving, it’s guaranteed to fall! This is why it is forced to evolve with the times, according to updates and changes in the habits of Internet users. Don’t forget to get up to date with these few SEO tips !You can also choose a posteriori support, this will allow you to have the external point of view of an SEO expert. This intervention can allow you to have an external opinion on the quality of your web pages and to correct certain aspects of your SEO strategy. The role of an SEO agency is also to understand all your SEO issues . She is able to put herself in the shoes of Internet users and Google to improve your SEO traffic . Conclusion Each situation is unique and deserves a personalized approach with tailored SEO advice .

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