The Internet has become essential for legal and natural persons in search of visibility. The creation of a site is the first step to be present on the web, but it is not enough to take advantage of the planetary network. And for good reason, the  Burkina Faso Email List sites are abundant. 1.88 billion websites are registered worldwide. The sites that manage to attract a lot of Internet users are those that climb to the first pages of search results. To do this, natural referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of sites is essential. To effectively reference your site, AntheDesign gives you the 11 SEO levers to operate.

First SEO lever: audit SEO is a technical job that requires the use of a number of tools and the adoption of good practices. Some mistakes can cause a site to lose places in the search engine rankings. In order to know the points on which to act to optimize the SEO of your site, carry out its audit. This task is accomplished by SEO experts . The SEO audit focuses on the architecture and content of the site. It identifies errors or practices that hinder SEO effectiveness. The audit can be internal to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the site and / or external to get an idea of ​​the SEO strategies used by competitors. At the end of the audit, the SEO expert provides you with a report. This will be your roadmap to improve your site .

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Site security, necessary for better referencing

In short, a website audit is a complete medical check-up in humans.  As the use of the Internet increases, so does hacking. Yes, it is proportional! Cyber ​​hackers (the Jack Sparrows of the web) constantly search websites for loopholes they plunge into. Computer attacks are a reality that you must face. One of the SEO levers is precisely site security . One of the SEO levers: protect yourself from cyber-hackers Internet users rightly flee sites that do not guarantee the security of their data. If your site does not yet use HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), secure it as soon as possible. This protocol is represented by a closed padlock.

It indicates that your web browsing is secure, unlike HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). The protocol used by the sites is taken into account by the search engines, in this case Google, during indexing (or ranking). HTTPS sites are privileged to the detriment of HTTP sites, because Google tries to guarantee the protection of the data of its users. In short, an HTTPS site is more likely to rank well in search results than an HTTP site.  Content is the heart of any SEO strategy. This is what the Internet user is looking for on a web page. Publishing relevant content with added value is fundamental to getting a site up in the top search results. In order to create great content, consider the needs of your target audience.

The publication of quality and optimized content

The topics covered must have a link with the Internet users who you are targeting. If you have just launched your site and are looking for themes to liven up your blog or your e-commerce site, do not hesitate to take inspiration from competing sites. Great SEO content isn’t just well-written content. For SEO , compliance with the rules in this area is inevitable. This is why the advice of an agency specializing in the field such as AntheDesign can be fundamental. Content marketing is based on keywords. However, keyword stuffing is sanctioned by Google (the world’s most widely used search engine). Ditto for content duplication which consists of publishing the same content on different sites. Even if you run several sites dealing with the same theme, be sure to create unique articles for each.

Internal networking, a useful practice in SEO Internal linking is an SEO practice that offers interesting results . The operation consists in forging links between several pages of a site. The purpose of internal networking is to keep Internet users on the site for a long time. For example, in an article that deals with starting a business, links can be inserted in order to redirect the reader to pages dealing with similar topics such as: The legal statutes of companies; The means of financing a business; Business takeovers, etc. For an e-commerce site, the insertion of links in a product sheet is useful for making the Internet user discover other products. The internal mesh encourages the Internet user to go to other pages, which leads him to explore the site. This technique improves the visibility of certain pages and brings overall traffic to the site.

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