Did you know Qwant? QWANT was officially launched in its final version on July 4, 2013 in Paris, this new search engine offers a credible and French alternative to the giant Google, which has just celebrated its 15th birthday. ZEN READING qwantUpdated March 19, 2021 Paris, March 20, 2014 – Qwant.com is the winner of the Global Innovation Competition 2030 in the “Big Data ” category. The jury was won over by: its web 3.0 oriented technology the protection of the navigation of Internet users. This award is the result of two years of research and development for the co-founders of QWANT, Eric Léandri and Jean-Manuel Rozan. qwant logo 19032021 What is Qwant? Qwant offers the Internet user a radically different experience from searching the Internet.

With Qwant, the Internet user has control over his private data. Its navigation is not traced and tracked . The results displayed in response to his request are not selected based on the personal data collected during his previous navigation. In contrast  Argentina Email Address  to the American search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) which dominate the market. Qwant wants to rediscover the original spirit of the web: to have free access to all digitized data available on the net. Qwant thus makes it possible to visualize on the same search interface five worlds of the web around the same request: web, images and videos, news, shopping social networks. Logo-qwant The data indexing technique also gives the possibility of choosing the country and the search language.

Argentina Email Address

Their latest stage of development

25 countries and 15 languages ​​are already available . The Internet user compares, for example, what is said on the same subject in France, the United States, the United Kingdom. A notebook and a sharing function give him the possibility of personalizing his research and inviting the followers of his choice to follow him. Qwant also searches for the latest public messages related to the Internet user’s request; a function that is very useful for knowing everything that is happening in Paris, London or Berlin in real time and preparing for visits or organizing last-minute outings. qwant  Successful launch in Germany, a country particularly concerned with the protection of private data since the Snowden affair.

With a peak of 12 million requests in one day in Germany, and an average of around 6.5 million daily requests, the company continues its dynamic development internationally. While raising funds to finance the next development of its in-house engine and the improvement of the features offered . Qwant in a few figures For its first year of existence: Qwant collected 507 million queries (GoogleSearch processes 3.3 billion queries per day), 60% of Internet users return after their first visit, the average duration of a visit is 5 minutes and 30 seconds, and finally the bounce rate is 13.53%. figures A competitor for the giant Google? Google’s hegemony is very clear! 90% of searches by French internet users go through Google.

Qwant winner of the Global Innovation Competition 2030

Google = enormous financial resources (Capitalization of US $ 410 billion and a turnover of 59.8 billion in 2013) . At the same time, Google is also: Google+, Google Maps, Youtube, and around 54,000 employees worldwide (20 employees for Qwant)… To compete with this giant, qwant has much more moderate financial means … And will still have to raise a lot of funds to continue its development. Regardless, Qwant is positioned as an alternative with the ambition of offering a different search with a web 3.0 orientation. Qwant will also have to overcome its dependence on Bing results to be considered by all as a real “search engine”. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to test QWANT! logo To follow #Qwant news: The QWANT blog The “Big Data” prize rewards an innovative company in the field of the valuation of big data.

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