Technically, you can add DSAs to an all-features search campaign, but we recommend creating standalone DSA campaigns. All you have to do is set dynamic ad targets, based on your site content. Dominican Republic Phone Number. AdWords will use this data to identify a list of product categories. If a site is well indexed, you usually have many categories to choose from. If you want to focus your campaign on a specific product. Dominican Republic Phone Number. category or brand, you can get more precise ad targets and set ad targets for specific web pages. This allows you to create your own category based on a URL, page title or

Add Dsas to an All-features Search Dominican Republic Phone Number

You can then create ad groups to target specific categories or sections of your site. Then, create description lines for your ads (AdWords will add a dynamically generated headline and landing page), sit back, and let AdWords deliver the show. Keep in mind that if you run additional Search Network campaigns, you may want to set your existing to Dominican Republic Phone Number keywords as negative for DSA campaigns. This ensures that you are not cannibalizing your current keywords and only using DSAs to find new terms. So… where are my e-commerce keywords?! You might be wondering how to use these keywordless DSA campaigns to find new keywords? AdWords actually provides a list of all the search queries that your dynamic ads match.

Campaign but We Recommend Creating Dominican Republic Phone Number

Dominican Republic Phone Number List

Go to Auto Target tab  See Search Terms section to check it. This list is a gold mine for e-commerce advertisers. Not only will this help you identify obvious terms that you forgot to include in your account, but you’re also likely to find new terms that you never thought you’d bid on. Dominican Republic Phone Number. holiday season keyword research Riff Your Shopping Feeds Nine times out of ten, the eCommerce customers you inherit will already have working Shopping campaigns. The feeds used to manage these campaigns are a treasure trove of e-commerce keyword ideas.

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