Adds to your page load time, so you can delete the clunky plugins and find an alternative to keep your rankings in Google. Note: This plugin may require some help Senegal Phone Number from your web developer to set up. #7: REGENERATE THUMBNAILS Key Takeaway. Regenerate Senegal Phone Number thumbnails is great if you’ve uploaded your images, changed your thumbnail dimensions, and now have a bunch of thumbnails with the wrong dimensions. Click here to install Regenerate Thumbnails. If you’ve changed dimensions for your

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Thumbnails in your settings, your existing thumbnails will look wonky. This might happen if you’ve switched WordPress themes for example. This is bad news, Senegal Phone Number though, because product photography is very important to your ecommerce store. You can’t have Senegal Phone Number the thumbnail version of your product images looking out of sorts. That’s where Regenerate Thumbnails comes in. Screenshot showing a blog It allows you to bulk resize your thumbnails so you don’t have to do it manually, saving you loads of time.

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Key Takeaway: Reduce Cart Abandonment Senegal Phone Number Shortcut can help you set up a complete cart abandonment strategy. That’s been proven to make $100,000s for stores. Click the button below to install Sumo to get the Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut. Want to reduce Senegal Phone Number cart abandons by up to 10%? Let me introduce you to the Sumo Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut – a neat app that you set up once, that then reduces your cart abandons forever. With the Sumo Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut, Sumo’s seen

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