The key takeaway from this Ugg email is to offer your customers and subscribers something that is just for them. This can help build loyalty amongst your customers Bulgaria Phone Number and also drive sales. 8. MEUNDIES UPSELL EMAIL Recurring revenue is an incredible way to grow a Bulgaria Phone Number business. MeUndies understand this and as such offer subscription packages for their Bulgaria Phone Number products. To entice more of their customers to join recurring. Monthly plans—rather than just making occasional one-off purchases—MeUndies regularly creates

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Member only” offers where you need to have a subscription to purchase selected products. To promote these offers, MeUndies often sends emails like the below example: Bulgaria Phone Number Screenshot showing an email by meundies. This email works for a bunch of Bulgaria Phone Number reasons: It’s seasonal. MeUndies knows their customers will likely be looking for festive gifts as the holidays Bulgaria Phone Number approach It offers the chance to be a VIP. By becoming a member, customers can receive exclusive designs and access to products before anyone else

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Customers receive a discount: The email Bulgaria Phone Number mentions the special member’s price for new underwear 9. MLS’S FREE SHIPPING EMAIL Of all U.S. digital shoppers who abandoned their carts, 39% do so because there wasn’t free shipping. With this in mind, MLS sent the email below to entice shoppers with the promise of free shipping on all purchases. Screenshot showing an email by The email focuses purely on MLS’s free shipping offer, bold, large text to promote the offer,

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