Found that “viral content” (defined for our purposes as articles with over 2,000 shares). Have way more backlinks compared to non-viral content — just over 23x Czech Republic Phone Number more backlinks to be exact. So what does this mean? Well, it seems that social shares come first, then Czech Republic Phone Number the backlinks. Not the other way around (because there’s no logic in Google rank affecting social shares). Or in other Czech Republic Phone Number words, people don’t share content because it ranks well. People share content because it’s good content and therefore they link to it. For example, this is the most shared article that Bulletproof published in the past year

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Screenshot showing Ahrefs results Czech Republic Phone Number for a website. This article has raked in 64,000+ shares and 63 backlinks (live index from Ahrefs). On the other hand, the most shared article of one of the lower revenue category companies has only 184 shares and no Czech Republic Phone Number backlinks. Screenshot showing Ahrefs stats for a website This supports the idea that Czech Republic Phone Number you should worry less about building backlinks, and instead focus on creating epic content (that will naturally attract links and shares).

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Note: Backlink numbers can sometimes Czech Republic Phone Number be inflated by footer links and other factors. Key takeaway: Create “linkable assets”: Amazing content for your eCommerce site that people want to share and link to. #3: HOW OFTEN DO YOU NEED TO PUBLISH Czech Republic Phone Number TO MOVE THE NEEDLE? Content marketers get into this debate far too frequently. Is it Czech Republic Phone Number better to publish more often or publish less often. Using the million-dollar companies as a benchmark. it’s safe to say that publishing more often is better.

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