Automatic communication thanks to conversational agents. Computer tracking technology The second technology that aims to improve the customer journey is location computing. This technology allows customers to browse their smartphones UAE WhatsApp Number List to find the products they need . It is useful to activate it when customers are shopping in physical stores or when they know that certain brands have promotions going on. The principle of this technology essentially allows computers or connected devices to locate products .

Location-based promotions and navigation services are the two most popular technologies in location computing. For example, navigation apps work with VR and location-based services, which will draw a yellow line on the ground through the camera lens. Customers just need to follow this line to find the product they are looking for. According to Lowe’s Companies Inc, a company that launched this technology on a mobile app called The Lowe’s Vision, customers would just have to make a list of the products they want to buy in the dedicated section of the app and could then navigate at the press of a button on their smartphone.

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On the other hand, location-based promotions would locate customers and send them suggestions or notifications about the nearest stores with ongoing promotions. Some might think that location-based services only offer benefits to businesses as they are mainly used to promote their brands. However, the benefits they bring to customers are more than you might think. In terms of prospects for brands, these technologies could promote their items or products and thus increase their sales through the attention captured through promotional activities.

In fact, according to Market Trends analysis, location-based services are part of a context-aware IT market that is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8% by 2025. (Halaye, 2019). In the case of clients These techniques could save them a lot of time searching for physical store products or bargains near their home. They could also allow them to estimate their budget in advance as the details and prices would be included in the application itself, which could then save them significant savings. It is therefore clear that location-based services are not only synonymous with boosting sales, increasing rankings, etc.,

but are also a tool that will allow customers to make purchases in more convenient and pleasant conditions. 3D product configuration This burgeoning technology has helped transform the shopping experience based on simple descriptive text accompanied by insignificant images by enhancing it through a visual presentation of the product in virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). These types of technologies are also known as “3D product configurators”, whereby consumers can customize desired products according to their preferences when viewing them .

Source: Guerlain 3D perfume configurator by Hapticmedia Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! With the 3D Product Configurator, customers have the ability to view details of the materials used on the product itself without having to do their own personalization on the items. 3D Product Configurators are used on many types of products including fine jewelry, custom clothing design, furniture, vehicles, shoes and even bottles! According to Novora, 3D product configurators have proven to be an effective and proven tool with companies in selling their products .

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