UX is also applied in the study of users to understand user behaviors, needs and motivations. Other areas of adoption include content writing, interface design, and more. The importance of UX goes far beyond app and website development South Korea WhatsApp Number List  as it has a real impact on the success of entire organizations . In terms of ROI, UX boosts customer loyalty, improves credibility, and increases the number of repeat customers and additional referrals . A study by America Graphics Institute finds that 52% of customers are less likely to engage with a business if the mobile version of its website provides only a poor experience.

The study also found that to determine an organization’s credibility, 75% of consumers trust its website. A bad experience discourages almost 90% of visitors from revisiting the site. UX is therefore crucial for all companies, regardless of their size. Investing in the user experience generates a huge return on investment. Every dollar spent on UX can trigger up to 500% return. In terms of retention, customers of companies that invest in UX are 15.8% more likely to stay loyal to the same brand and 16.6% more likely to recommend it to friends and family.

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Project Managers, Ux Designers, Developers, Business Analysts, Quality Control Analysts, Etc.

A better user experience increases the willingness to pay a premium by 14.4% , which boosts profitability. And despite these opportunities opened up by UX, only 55% of companies perform UX testing . Advanced techniques with case studies: simulation and new technologies Techniques to incorporate into web design to improve UX include simulation where an approximation of the user’s context is created. For example, MIT’s great aging suit can be used on a website that sells anti-aging products or services to empathize with potential customers and convince them to buy.

Implement emerging technologies to improve visuals and drive engagement Immersive virtual reality experiences provide contextual visualization. User experience can also be improved by using augmented reality (AR) to allow potential customers to view and try products before they buy . According to Nielsen Norman Group , the RA can help improve the user experience by reducing the effort and steps required for users to perform a task . AR reduces cognitive load and the time it takes to find a product or service because it presents relevant information to users automatically.

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A furniture retailer can use AR to relieve users of the mental frustrations generated by dimension issues by displaying a product in a location in the consumer’s home. The targeted information provided by AR builds user confidence in their purchasing decision. Case studies of companies using AR include The Home Depot’s Project Color app . It eliminates the frustration and waste of time in choosing the shade of paint by making it possible to visualize the appearance of the color in the area or room to be painted. In addition, the application suggests a palette that matches the decor. AR can be combined with 3D technology to enhance the UX even further .

For example, Nomatic allows customers to use AR technology directly in browsers, instead of an app, to view products in 3D and rotate them to check all features and try them on for size before they go. purchase. In this use case, AR improves the UX by eliminating the download of an app and the 3D virtual model reduces the mental load in choosing the right product. Source: official website of Guerlain 3D configuration technology also helps businesses overcome the limitations of 2D product display and provides a much better user experience for e-commerce.

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