If your competitors have a more developed interface, it will be essential to get you up to speed. Developing an application is a constant job. Measuring your performance is essential if you want to stay competitive. If you want to learn more, download our guide on how to Switzerland Phone Number List create your mobile application . For any further information you can contact us ! This Tuesday, June 2, marks a new step for the French in the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. A new government mobile digital tracking application, “StopCovid” , will be available on all your smartphones.

After several weeks of debate, the tracking application was finally validated by Parliament. However, the French population still asks itself many questions, both technical and political: Will it be effective? Useful ? Does it represent a threat to privacy? The Squirrel team takes you through the tracing application, StopCovid, in order to answer your questions. Summary StopCovid: the principle of the application. How does the StopCovid app work? Step 1 : 2nd step : Step 3: The decryption of the tracking application The advantages of the application The limits of the application Should we be afraid of the StopCovid application? Reunion Island Initiative: Alertanoo Your project, Our expertise! StopCovid: the principle of the application.

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The Stopcovid App Was Developed In Order To Track The Spread

of the virus with the use of a contact tracing system. Once the download is complete, people who test positive for Covid19 will be able to automatically notify all users with whom they have been in contact. (This alert assumes that the user has agreed to disseminate this information to other users). Those alerted can subsequently take all possible measures by being tested or by remaining confined, in order to break the chain of transmission of the virus. How does the StopCovid app work? To get started for the first time, you simply have to follow the instructions in the application.

Therefore, you will therefore have to accept all the terms of use by informing yourself about the data that will be saved (mainly the identifiers that the phones will generate). It is important to activate push notifications so that you are notified when you have met someone who tested positive. Then you will need to activate Bluetooth and the connections necessary for the operation of the application. digital agency mobile development ios android Once this step is completed, you will be able to take full advantage of the operation of your application. Step 1 : When user 1 crosses paths with user 2, the StopCovid application will generate an identifier that will be stored on both users’ devices via a Bluetooth connection.

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No worries, no name, surname or sensitive data will be shared and saved during this step. Indeed, a simple identifier “ex: aahhje4ed” will be sent to the other phone. The latter will then be stored for 14 days. digital agency mobile development ios android 2nd step : If you have passed someone who has tested positive for Covid 19. You will receive an alert in the form of a push notification (so be sure to activate the push notification permissions on the application and your device). After clicking on the notification, you will be redirected to the application, which will explain the steps to follow to get tested.

digital agency mobile development ios android Step 3: After a positive test, users will receive a message from the analysis laboratory which will inform them of their contamination and provide them with a code to enter in the application. (Please note that it is not the government but the medical laboratory that provides this code.) The code is only valid for a certain period of time. Using this code, all credentials stored in the positive user’s mobile app will be redirected to a server. Each registered user will receive a push notification indicating that they have crossed paths with the user who tested positive for Covid-19.

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