Follow the daily economic news, follow its portfolio of stocks on the stock market , or analyze the markets of large companies, this is, among other things, what our clients’ stock market applications offer . Allowing analyzes by giving reliable and precise information is the objective that connects our two clients that we are going to tell you about in this article. At Squirrel, we have therefore created two mobile stock market applications , detailed, and including information from reliable sources: Stock market application which application to invest in the stock market Sitagri scholarship application.

(5) Sitagri scholarship application (4) Sitagri scholarship application (3) Sitagri scholarship application (2) mobile app Stock market application France Mobile Number Database which application to invest in the stock market Sitagri scholarship application (5) Previous Following Founded in 2004, FinanceAgri is a company that helps agricultural players make strategic decisions. It is a consultancy and information company, dedicated to companies in the first transformation of raw materials.


Stock Exchange Application: Sitagrimobile

With the aim of providing secure and accessible information at all times, FinanceAgri has developed its mobile application: SitagriMobile . Sitagri provides access to real-time quotes. It is also linked to the best world stock exchanges : Euronext, ICE US, ICE EU, KCBT. In order to be continuously informed, the app offers feeds of news, comments and analysis. For this, SitagriMobile shares information from well-known companies such as Dow Jones , AFP and Sitagri itself. All the information is given in real time and you will find a wide variety of information there: – Analyzes – International offers – Information on goods – European briefings – Freight rates – Order books – Charts for monitoring stock market flows… The data is retrieved via Websockets.

In order to view market information efficiently, you can create easily customizable portfolios and order quotes . Little extras are also available, such as customizing the appearance of the interface for example. Stock exchange application: BBSP scholarship application Stock exchange application Stock market application Stock market application which application to invest in the stock market Scholarship application scholarship application Stock exchange application Previous Following Founded in 1990, BBSP is an independent research company. It is now present in Europe, North America, Asia, and has customers in more than 20 different countries. It is a buy-side analysis company; its clients are therefore banks (8/10 of the world’s largest banks), asset managers and companies wishing to improve their investments .

Stock Exchange Application: Bbsp

Their mobile application , of the same name, was created with the aim of enabling the analysis of the markets of the world’s largest companies. The application lists the different financial markets and you have the possibility to follow the news of these. The integration of graphics allows you to study the evolution of each of them. It is possible to search for information on a specific market and manage your preferences by adding markets to your favorites. For more details, you also have access to complete studies that can be downloaded in pdf in the “studies” section of the application. If you are also an actor in the stock market or financial sector , and you are faced with this problem of managing large volumes of data in real time, call on SQUIRREL.

For this, it is important to train your teams in the various tools put in place. It is even better to integrate a common digital culture at the base of your company. Encouraging your employees to develop and innovate within your organization will benefit the change and evolution of your business. Seize the opportunity of your digitalization with SQUIRREL Digitization is the opportunity for your company to position itself as a leader and to experience six times higher growth. Thanks to the digital shift, expand your target market and face different crises with innovative and efficient solutions. However, let’s be honest, digital transformation is a complex process to take.

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