The SSL and HTTPS are they mandatory for all websites since January 2017? But what is it exactly? What is an SSL certificate and what is HTTPS?  For a website, an SSL certificate is a data file that links a cryptographic key to the Dominica Email List information of a natural person or a legal person. Installed on a web server, the certificate activates the green padlock and the HTTPS protocol in browsers. secure connection via SSL certificate capture on Firefox of a secure connection via an SSL certificate The objective of the SSL & HTTPS pair is to ensure a secure connection between the web server that hosts a website and the browser used to consult it. ”  No, there is no obligation to secure your website in January.

However, setting up a secure connection is strongly recommended for sites collecting sensitive data (bank cards, passwords, member area, etc.). Indeed, the first sites affected by the report from Google through Chrome will be sites that exchange confidential data such as e-commerce sites. The lack of a secure connection to access the site will be reported through Google Chrome, with the very likely consequence of lower sales. no ssl chrome 56Processing of some unsecured web pages via SSL in Chrome 56 from January 2017 E-commerce sites will not be the only ones affected. Google has already announced that all websites will need to be secure in the future.

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SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol?

For the moment, this deadline has not yet been revealed by Google. It may be in the course of 2017. Google’s latest announcements Web security has been a priority for Google for years. Google’s message about reporting unsafe sites is a logical continuation of previous announcements. in August 2014: We are starting to use HTTPS as a positioning factor. For now, this indicator has very little weight in order to give webmasters time to switch to the HTTPS protocol. in December 2015: Gmail, Google search and YouTube have enjoyed secure connections for a long time. We also started slightly improving the ranking of HTTPS URLs in search results last year.

Browsing the web should be a private experience between the user and the website, without giving rise to acts of espionage, man-in-the-middle attacks or data changes . That is why we strongly support the generalization of HTTPS. SSL or not? Our advice for 2017 We have been advocating for over a year that you adopt the SSL certificate as soon as you can, here are some details: As part of a website creation or redesign, HTTPS is required. For e-commerce sites and sites collecting confidential data, we recommend switching to HTTPS as quickly as possible. If your website does not collect any sensitive data, you can wait for the next Google announcement.

Is a secure connection mandatory for everyone from January 2017?

To help you in your decision making, Google promises to grant an “ SEO Bonus ” to encourage publishers to switch to HTTPS. The first to take the plunge will enjoy it longer! Update 07/26/2017: according to MOZCAST.COM, more than 56% of links in Google search results are in HTTPS . If you are still using HTTP now is the time to take the plunge, plus there are now free certificates .

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