Examples of personally interesting B2B offers You won’t be able to implement all of this into your customer landing pages, and it certainly doesn’t come close to covering all possible options! The goal here is not to be exhaustive in ideas, but rather to take the time to think about what your client can offer that will be personally valuable to LP visitors (using these examples as starting points for your ideas ). Hungary Phone Number. Offer a free trial marketing offers for b2b ppc Amazon is not B2B only, but their good example helps if it can work with your business model. Hungary Phone Number.  A potential customer who lands on your page will actually be interested in trying your software (or Shipping Club, or whatever).

That Meets Your Customers’ Needs Hungary Phone Number

Why not give them something they really want, like accessing what you’re offering for a while to test it out? Offer a free analysis b2b ppc analysis If you’re offering some sort of solution that meets your customers’ needs, kill two birds with one stone. Give them something they’ll appreciate (a professional analysis of their account), as well as the chance to Hungary Phone Number show that you know what you’re talking about. I can see this working for a lot more B2B companies than just PPC, especially in the SAAS industry. Offer free media business-to-business marketing strategy Unbounce is doing something awesome with their

Kill Two Birds With One Stone Give Them Hungary Phone Number

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CTAConf, they give you full access to all sessions for free, uh, well… for the low, low price of your personal information. But for this marketer, it was worth passing on my email address! Also, don’t you like them just asking for your name and email address? How not to throw. Hungary Phone Number. him in there for a free conference session? No phone number, no address, no function, just an email! <3 Offer a free consultation how to market a b2b offer I didn’t mention any specific company for this one because. Hungary Phone Number. many do, but it’s a great whitepaper alternative. In fact, I offer this with my PPC business (hey, we agencies are B2B, remember!).

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