If your application is available on the app store and you are looking for a professional team to add this new functionality , the Squirrel team, specializing in the design and development of mobile applications , has the necessary skills and will be Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List a good fit. pleasure to help you. Know the cost of your application ? That’s a good idea, however you don’t know how much an app could cost you? So let us shed some light on this subject with our mobile app price estimator ! As you can imagine, it’s hard to know exactly how much it might cost to develop your mobile app.

Indeed, it is necessary to take into account a set of factors such as your budget, your need, the duration of realization of the application, and the resources implemented for the realization of this one. Moreover, whether it is an application of a few thousand euros or several hundred thousand euros, each application is unique in terms of functionality. The result will therefore never be the same, unless you want to clone an already existing application with a budget similar to the cloned application. Summary The importance of specifications You have not yet written the specifications? What are the components that make the development price of your mobile application vary? 1. Features 2.

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User interface and app design 3. Maintenance 4. Additional costs The importance of specifications Here is the element that will allow us to quantify your need with precision. With the specifications correctly completed, we can provide you with more details on the cost of your project. In addition, with our expertise, we will be able to indicate to you according to your budget, what would be the points on which it would be necessary to pay particular attention. You do not know how to write a specification? There are no worries, find our guide: how to write specifications? You have not yet written the specifications? Discover our price estimator . You’re in a rush ?

Here is a simulation lasting 2min Here is a much more advanced simulation that will allow you to get as close as possible to the potential costs of your application project. The price estimator allows us to make an estimate of what your project might cost. It is true that it is not necessarily easy to simulate the cost of your application . However with our price estimator, it will be possible to get an overall idea of ​​what your application may cost. What are the components that make the development price of your mobile application vary? 1. Features Functionality is a kind of DNA for your application, it represents the capabilities that your application is able to achieve.

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Indeed, the basic functionalities are generally recurrent in each project, and they do not therefore require as much time for the realization of this one. Unlike specific functionalities which require more time, and therefore resources in order to adapt it to your application to make it a good that stands out from all the competition. 2. User interface and app design User interface and app design are two essential elements for your app. These two elements concern a capital element of your application: attractiveness. However, this attractiveness comes in several forms, sometimes it represents the image you want to convey through the application, sometimes it will also be a differentiating factor.

You know, appearance is often synonymous with personalization and this is an aspect that greatly contributes to the success of your goals. 3. Maintenance For your application to be operational over time, it is important to keep it regularly updated. Indeed, an application that is not updated regularly will not benefit from the good referencing of the different Stores, moreover it will be littered with bugs. Take advantage of the feedback and fix the most recurring bugs and the most harmful to the user experience to improve your application. 4. Additional costs In the budget that you have previously defined, you will also have to add expenses related to the marketing strategy that you want to put in place.

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