Can you remember the last time you were on a website that failed to offer you a guide, coupon, ebook, white paper or something else in exchange for your contact info? (And no, Facebook doesn’t count.) If you spend a good amount New Zealand Phone Number of time on the internet. It’s likely you run into a dozen of these every day (I actually have a library of “free” content offers collecting dust on my hard drive). The New Zealand Phone Number practice of generating leads through gated content offers, also known as lead magnets, has become so widespread that if you don’t encounter a pop-up or slide-in form during your visit, you might get the feeling something’s missing.

Pervasiveness of This Trend New Zealand Phone Number

Testifies to the fact that they do work—or at least they’re working on someone. The fact is, many of the leads generated by such offers are fake (i.e. people using bogus email addresses). This is becoming easier to do with more temporary email address services becoming available. And on top of that, if these offers incorporate intrusive overlays, they tend to drive most people crazy. So, the question is whether the advantages of gating your content outweigh the disadvantages. Are New Zealand Phone Number the leads you’re gathering really worth the damage to your user experience? More importantly, are you really getting the most out of your content assets if they’re sitting behind a form?

New Zealand Phone Number

Arguments For Gating Generating New Zealand Phone Number

Inbound Leads The most obvious argument for putting your content behind a form is that it gives you the opportunity to collect contact information from your visitors. Few New Zealand Phone Number website visitors are willing to give you their email addresses for nothing. But bribing them (or what should really be called a value exchange). With a quality piece of content is an effective way to get them in. If a visitor is interested enough to download an ebook or white paper and is even willing to give up contact information. It’s likely they’re a good candidate New Zealand Phone Number for further sales and marketing engagements. Coming Across as Premium In the mind of a consumer, quality is almost always connect to price.

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