SEOlyzer is an online log analysis tool… and it is currently free . It has the advantage of being fairly easy to use. The interface is intuitive and easy to configure. So you can use it whether you are an SEO professional or a novice. This tool allows you to “monitor” the passages of the googlebot on the various web pages of your site. If the Google Russian Federation Email List Search Console alerts you to the errors that Google may encounter on your site, then it is often already too late to correct the situation. Indeed, Google communicates this data several days after the exploration, the damage is already done.

The interest of SEOlyzer is to be able to undertake optimization work as soon as an “abnormal behavior” of the crawler is detected. This detection is possible thanks to SEOlyzer’s real-time log analysis tool. seo log analysis seolyzer  Log analysis allows you to know where crawlers, like the googlebot, “roam” on your site. Indeed, not all pages are good to explore, for example: pages with very little text, purely informational, author pages, site administration pages, etc. Exploring them will not bring you anything in terms of your natural referencing , on the contrary, it will undermine your crawl budget unnecessarily. Log analysis allows you to optimize your site in order to direct robots to strategic web pages (using the robots.txt file ) and to do the necessary optimization work.

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What is SEOlyzer?

How to use SEOlyser? SEOlyser configuration The configuration of this tool is relatively simple, because it is very guided. Just follow the instructions below: Enter the address of your website by clicking on “Add a site” ; Choose the type of hosting you use: if you use the basic services of OVH or Ionos, there is a chance that your hosting will be shared; Install the tool on your shared hosting : access your FTP, download the file provided by SEOlyzer in the configuration interface, then add the few lines of code, also provided, to your config file (wp-config php for WordPress sites); Finally, test the installation , and you’re done! SEOLYZER configuration Understand the different analyzes SEOlyzer gives you access to a number of features and data on your website.

In particular, you can collect or monitor the exploration data of the google-bot: the crawl volume, i.e. the number of times the robot has visited such and such a page: this allows you to see on the one hand whether the strategic pages are well explored and possibly to make technical updates or content if not; crawl volume by group of pages : you can indeed create groups of pages to identify the most crawled content by categories; see errors in the HTTP code (such as 404 errors ) and monitor redirects ; the sharing of the googlebot crawl between the desktop version and the mobile version of your site: you should know that today Google tends to favor mobile versions in the face of the growing use of smartphones and tablets.

What is log analysis?

the volume of pages crawled in HTTP and in HTTPS: this allows you in particular to know if all the pages of the site are indeed passed in HTTPS ; per page performance and average site performance which allows you to monitor page load time and the site in general. This is important data that allows you to improve your crawl budget, but also to optimize the user experience; SEOlyzer also allows you to control the first analyzes of new pages, to detect unwanted robots or to observe the most crawled pages.

But, you can also observe the data on SEO visits (visitors who used Google to find you): the volume of visits and requests from Google users, in order to identify the proportion of traffic generated by search engine results; the volume of SEO visits per group of pages; the most visited pages of the site; the volume of visits from paid search (SEA), if you use Google Ads. This can help you know if you have chosen the right keywords; the number of unique pages or groups of pages visited at least once from Google; What’s new in SEOlyzer SEOlyzer has also been providing you with a crawler for some time .

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