How to increase your visibility on the web in 2016? How to adopt the right SEO strategy in a constantly evolving field? Discover the main SEO trends for this year. ZEN READING SEO trends 2016Updated on August 27, 2019  The year 2015 was rich in announcements from the Google search engine, the 2016 SEO trends flow naturally from these announcements. The best SEO tips for 2015 therefore remain relevant and applicable to building your SEO strategy for 2016. What’s new on SEO for 2016? In fact, nothing revolutionary in the world of natural referencing , no advertisement capable of calling into question an SEO strategy in accordance with Google’s recommendations. Even if this is not new, the latest Google announcements confirm the directions to be taken to meet its demands and make the web better.

To gain visibility and improve your positioning , here are the 2016 SEO trends to take into account in your SEO strategy. Securing the web with HTTPS & SSL Google had already announced at the end of 2014 that it would promote the Libya Email List positioning of sites using SSL in the rankings of its search engine. At the end of 2015, Google again announced on its Official blog for webmasters its intention to promote secure sites. What Google says: we also started slightly improving the ranking of HTTPS URLs in search results last year – sources So we listened to Google and we installed our SSL certificate on July 06, 2015, here is our feedback: SSL and SEO, feedback on a winning duo on the SEO side .

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SEO trends not to be missed in 2016!

The mobile Internet has made further progress in 2015 with over 68% of French smartphone equipped with more than 15 million equipped with a mobile 4G compatible. Your internet site must absolutely be Mobile Friendly , if it is not yet the case, you have no more time to waste at the risk of becoming invisible from search results on Smartphone. What Google says: Non- responsive and non-adaptive websites will be penalized in terms of positioning. Google will logically favor responsive design sites for all mobile users in its search results. mobile friendly material designMobile Friendly & Material Design Display 50.1% of searches were mobile in 2015! Social content better indexed by Google The influence of social networks on website SEO is an ongoing debate.

SEO trends 2016 anticipate an impact of social networks on positioning in search results. In addition to the Google Plus statuses already indexed on Google, tweets land in search results (agreement between Google and Twitter) . If you are not yet present on social networks, do not wait any longer! How to build your strategy on social networks? Social networks are essential in an SEO strategy, not being interested in them for unfounded prejudices would be a mistake. In addition it allows to be in direct contact with its customers. The rise of video content Strengthened by the growth of YouTube and the addition of video features on Facebook and Twitter. Video content is very popular with Internet users, a well-produced and well-integrated video on your website is a powerful vector to improve your website traffic.

The generalization of Mobile Friendly.

Video content has become essential to bring added value to your editorial content, it is a bit “the icing on the SEO cake”. Example with the GoPro phenomenon in 2014 amplified with the use of drones in 2015. The GoPro phenomenon! Video represents 60% of web traffic! Local SEO always more efficient Google announces that 50% of consumers visit the point of sale they are looking for on their mobile the same day. With the rise of local search, it is essential to adopt your SEO strategy in the local market if you have a physical point of sale. Referencing, let’s talk about SEO, Act IV: Local SEO SEO tip: Consider including the city or even well-known places nearby in the list of keywords in your content. This tip will help you move up in local search results.

The content remains ROI and Panda watches over Successive updates of the Panda filter continue to penalize sites hosting low added value or duplicate content . Quality content according to Google’s criteria remains a sure value whatever the SEO trend of the moment. Unique content providing real added value will have every chance of being well positioned in search results. What is quality content according to Google? The objectives of the Google Panda filter Penalize the positioning of poor quality sites obtained by questionable SEO techniques. Promote the natural referencing of sites with qualitative and relevant content for the Internet user. To improve your position, your editorial content must be unique and the editorial content must be optimized.

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