How to optimize a Meta Description tag to gain visitors? How to promote SEO content? When SEO content is added to other actions, you put the odds on your side to optimize the SEO and positioning of your web page. Does the SME speak Togo Email List to you? Need a little reminder? SME is the addition of SEO, SEA and SMO. And yes, the three complement each other and allow your website to rank well on Google. The three main levers for promoting your content: SEO , natural referencing, SEA , paid referencing, SMO , optimization on social networks. Indeed, unique and quality SEO content must be relayed on social networks.

Promoting quality SEO content is the best way to naturally get backlinks to increase awareness and visibility of your web page. Who to call for SEO content? To produce SEO content, you have several options: Write content from A to Z on its own, respecting Google’s guidelines, Write a first draft which will then be optimized for a web referencing agency, Use an SEO agency or web editor . SEO content In short, Writing high added value SEO content is essential to improve your positioning on Google . If, despite all your efforts and by following these few tips, the positioning of your website does not meet your expectations, do not hesitate to call on the services of a web agency to carry out an audit of your website. . This audit will allow you to identify and correct the weak points of your site in order to improve its performance.

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To learn more about writing SEO content: What is web content writing? Web writing, how to improve your natural referencing act 1 What is a web editor? What is his mission ?SEO mistake # 5: you left your external links in DoFollow Some SEO mistakes stem from good intention – but, as we know, Google Hell is paved with those good intentions. Among these is this habit (which may be yours) of gently leaving the external links of your content in DoFollow mode. Which is similar, in the field of SEO, to a fatal Windows error. Why is this a blunder? Because DoFollow links share the SEO juice by sending search engine bots to follow said links.

This is very useful when it comes to referring to your pages from third-party sites (it’s called linkbuilding and it’s one of the most popular natural referencing methods) . But when you leave your own external links in DoFollow, it’s like pointing your finger at the referring site and advising bots to give it some of your precious juice. The solution is to switch your external links to NoFollow and focus on your internal links . The robots will pass in front of the links without using them and will stay on your site the time to index all your pages. Much better without this SEO error, right? SEO mistake n ° 6: you buy backlinks to promote your netlinking …

How to promote your SEO content?

We know: everything can be bought, everything is sold, even the improbable. This is the case with backlinks, which can be acquired at cost – different offers exist on the web. So, will you be tempt. Just once. It’s good for your Ranking, Google will love you even more, and then who will know? And paf: the SEO blunder. Some SEO mistakes, it is true, are more tempting than others. A few hundred quality backlinks in your purse, that could boost the positioning of your web pages, especially in a highly competitive sector. Except that this is typically the wrong idea. The backlinks obtained through this are generally of poor quality and the massive ordering is sanctioned by Google anyway.

If 300 links appear overnight, the engine will look askance; and even if they appear little by little, from the moment these links are essentially toxic (badly reputable domains, off-topic sites given your theme, over-optimized anchors on the same keywords, majority of forums and directories …) , it is almost guaranteed sanction – enough to make you want to practice SEO errors. Even if you have nothing to do with it and it’s entirely the SEO agency’s fault (or the Growth Hacker ) who made you take bladders for lanterns. SEO In conclusion, Whether these SEO errors are your fault or involuntarily invite themselves into your SEO strategy, the deleterious effects will be the same: you will see your positions drop in the search engines and suffer penalties from which it will be difficult to escape.

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