All the tips of the year for building an effective and sustainable SEO strategy grouped together on an “SEO infographic”. ZEN READING SEO infographic 2015 SEOMixUpdated September 14, 2021  SEOMIX took up the challenge of an SEO infographic bringing together all the most relevant advice to build an effective SEO strategy . Complementing this excellent SEO infographic, below is a series of must-have articles for anyone new to SEO. What is SEO for? Referencing, let’s talk about SEO – Act I: Google PageRank Referencing, let’s talk about SEO – Act II: The content Referencing, let’s talk about SEO, Act III: Duplicate Content SEO: natural referencing summarized in three letters SEO: How to optimize image referencing?

Web writing, how to improve your natural referencing act 1 Why should your website be Responsive? The periodic table of SEO Martinique Email List success factors What is quality content according to Google? Why use structured data for your website? seo infographic 2015 Check out our most recent SEO articles below. We have published some since 2015! We have for example: explained the return on investment of your site; take stock of SEO in 2021 ; list the actions to be taken to improve the SEO of your WordPress; talked about blackat SEO and white hat SEO , etc …

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SEO infographic of the year 2015

This is only a very short addition of content suggestions; the best is to go to the “ SEO ” category, you will see the blog posts published since! anthedesign-web-page-loading-timeLoading time for resources on the contact page of the anthedesign website | WebPagetest Conclusion Since Google’s announcement at the end of 2009, the loading time of a web page has had an impact on its SEO, even if opinions and observations in the SEO world differ on this subject. By optimizing the loading time of your web pages, you improve both the user experience and the positioning of your web pages can only benefit. To be continued, in a few weeks, how to optimize the loading time of your pages ?

The French are curious: the query “history of the google logo” was typed more than 1,500,000 times in a few hours, so many people have therefore interrupted their respective activities to educate themselves. The word history wins over the word evolution, 12,445 Internet users read an article published in 2014 on our blog, the topic of the article was the evolution of logos. The anthedesign site is very well referenced 🙂 Organic traffic directly linked to natural referencing , The server ran well, more than 7,000 visitors in 1 hour. Finding the queries that Internet users type is never easy.

Only a posteriori decryption makes it possible to analyze the behavior of Internet users,

Tools and methods make it possible to choose relevant keywords to optimize the referencing of a website (intuition, keyword generators, the persona method, Google Trends, etc.) . The majority of these tools are based on collected databases, so it is almost impossible to determine precisely with its tools the queries that will type Internet users upon discovering the new Google logo. Even predictive SEO techniques in anticipation of future events would not have made it possible to anticipate this request. this type of event is very informative and confirms our SEO strategy on the long tail . The natural referencing of our site ensures us a constantly increasing organic traffic and some interesting traffic peaks.


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