All pages indexed on Google have a page rank, this page rank can be passed on to every link on the page that does not have rel = “nofollow”. Therefore, if you have links to your own pages, they will get some of that “link juice”. The mesh or linking between your web pages must be relevant both for the transmission of the pagerank and for the visitors. 7: The website plan or sitemap A sitemap is an XML format file that lists the URLs of your website plus some metadata such as the date of its last update. The Sitemap technique is officially approved by search engines. Using the Sitemap protocol does not guarantee that your webpages will be included in the index of search engines, but it greatly facilitates and improves the quality of work crawlers (robot of indexation ).

Once built, your Sitemap can then be submitted to search engines, usually through a webmaster tool interface like Google Search Norfolk Island Email List Console (formerly google webmastertools ). 8: Duplicate data and canonical link Duplicate content is one of the worst things for your site from an SEO perspective. Each page should have a single domain pointing and a single URL. If a page on your internet has an old and a new URL, a 301 redirect should be put in place to tell the search engine that the page has been moved. As an SEO advice to avoid duplicate content, you can use the canonical tag , this tag is like an indicator panel intended to avoid the consequences of duplicate content.

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First Step: Choose Keywords On Which To Position Yourself

It points to the default version of a set of pages that are too close, or even quite identical. 9: Tools for webmasters: Bing Webmaster & Google Webmaster Tools (GSC) Google, Bing and other engines provide webmasters with an interface with tools to consult a multitude of information on a website. You can find, for example, the search terms used to arrive on your website, the number of pages retained in the Google index or even possible problems with the indexing of your site. Register your site on Google webmaster tools (renamed Google Search Console ) in order to collect very useful information for your SEO and positioning strategy .

Google-Webmaster-Tools-Google-search-console 10: Rich, relevant and unique text content Respecting the 9 SEO tips listed above is important for your SEO, but it is not enough. You should never lose sight of the fact that the most important thing in your web page is the content . The text content should especially not be limited to the enumeration of key words. Search engines must of course find the keywords there, but the content must also be readable and make Internet users want to come back to your website. SEO is there to highlight your content and promote it in search engines and not the other way around. A number of words between 200 and 400 is a minimum to position a web page.

Second Step: Content Optimization To Serve The Keyword

Why follow these SEO tips? Following these 10 SEO tips will not always guarantee you to reach the first page of Google search results, many other factors are taken into account for the ranking of your web page, the competition on the keywords of your page being the first of them . On the other hand, if you don’t follow these tips, you are unlikely to improve your positioning. If you don’t know where to start to optimize your site’s SEO , an SEO audit will give you the first answers. Update 02/16/2016: An eleventh SEO tip has been added to the list with Google’s announcement and its wish to generalize secure sites with an SSL certificate (https) .

Update 19/02/2017: To always improve the SEO of your website, it is important to keep yourself informed of SEO trends. Where is SEO for 2017 ?In conclusion, Google Authorship is the best way for an author to authenticate their content and heal their Author Rank, and for a business the best way to establish a direct relationship with its customers. All that’s left is to bet and switch to PublisherShip to stay in the game before Google changes its mind once again.

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