SEO is not limited to web pages since it is possible to reference images, documents, videos, products, places or even applications. SEO for Dummies Definition of SEO: SEO is a set of practices that aim to make a website as visible as possible in Singapore Email List the natural results of search engines . The SEO (not paid) requires knowledge: the operation and algorithm of search engines, many techniques and recommendations, the basics of web development, to be on constant watch and to have patience, … It is above all a groundwork which aims to ensure a good positioning of your web pages in the long term in the search results.

While some publishers decide to go self-taught and others call on a web agency specializing in SEO . Optimizing a website for search engines is all about getting a good ranking in search engine results. Internet referencing for dummies or beginners begins by understanding how a search engine works. To get your content out and optimize your site’s place in search engine results, you need to start by understanding how algorithms work. Search engines classify web content according to a complex algorithm that determines their relevance to bring them out in a logical order when an Internet user performs a keyword search.

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Understand how an algorithm works

Google, which holds more than 93% of the market share of search engines in France, defines algorithms as processes and computer formulas that take your questions and transform them into answers. Google’s ingenious algorithms are able to scan millions of existing web pages to find the information you are looking for using simple keywords. Google has a 93.84% market share in web search for all devices. It owns 90.39% of PDM On PCs and 97.93% on Mobile. (Source: StatConter October 2018) If you are new to SEO, you may overlook other search engines given Google’s PDM. Beyond the technical aspects, it is particularly important to put yourself in the shoes of Internet users and understand how they navigate.

What they are looking for on the web, What holds them back on a web page. If everything that is happening on the internet doesn’t seem concrete enough, imagine a large advertising poster that references (mentions) your product among other products. Even if it is mentioned, your product will have little or no visibility if it is placed small, at the bottom right of the poster full of competitive information. Keep in mind, then, that SEO is about optimizing websites for high visibility. SEO practices that aim to optimize your website for search engines are the SEO techniques that should be applied directly to your website.

Optimizing your website

They are numerous (around 200) and constantly evolving, which then requires you to keep informed, through specialized blogs for example. Because almost all Internet users hardly ever visit the second page of Google results. You must think about visibility with the sole objective of being and staying on the first page of search results . To really start your SEO work, you need to start by knowing the golden rules of SEO . They concern in particular the technical optimization of the site , the optimization of its structure and the optimization of its content .

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