The main objective of an SEO consultant (SEO for Search Engine Optimization ) is to increase the visibility and audience of a website . The term SEO consultant is the most used and searched for on Google, but there are a few variations French Polynesia Email List for the same activity: SEO consultant, Organic SEO Consultant, SEO Officer, SEO consultant, Natural SEO, Web SEO, Internet Consultant, SEO manager, SEO expert, … As a reminder, the audience and the positioning of a website on search engines depend on the quality of its referencing. This is where the SEO consultant comes in . The mission of the SEO consultant is to position web pages in the first results of Google (without forgetting Bing and Yahoo) on specific requests to increase its traffic.

To improve the positioning of web pages and by extension their visibility, the SEO consultant uses at least four levers: The technique with the optimization of the structure of the website carried out from the design stage or following a technical audit (the tree structure, loading times, meta-tags, etc.), Optimizing the content of each page through the choice of relevant keywords and web writing, Netlinking with the creation of good back links or ” back links ” to improve the reputation of the site, Analysis of user signals and their behavior on the site. The activities of the SEO consultant The main activities of the SEO consultant are as follows: Carrying out a technical and editorial audit : semantic analysis, choice of keywords, positioning report , identification of blocking factors, analysis of inbound links, etc.

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What is an SEO consultant?

The development of an SEO strategy : definition of objectives, technical recommendations, choice of keywords, technical optimization of the site, optimization of content, netlinking … The implementation of SEO actions : implementation of SEO actions, drafting of meta tags, implementation of netlinking , content marketing and optimization of editorial content … Monitoring and reporting of SEO actions: monitoring the implementation of recommended SEO actions, monitoring the positioning of pages in Google results on targeted keywords, traffic and conversion analysis, etc. Technological and competitive watch : watch over search engine algorithms, referencing techniques, technological developments, referencing practices of competing sites and partners, etc.

SEO consultant activities The profile of SEO consultants There is no such thing as a “typical profile” for the SEO consultant. If one had to be found, we could define it through the diversity of their initial training, often far removed from the web. The majority of active consultants are self-taught (70% in 2013 and 53% in 2015). An SEO consultant is also multidisciplinary; he must have both technical skills and marketing knowledge. It is therefore difficult to define the profile of an SEO consultant from his initial training, especially since these are still not very widespread, mainly for the following two reasons: It is still a relatively young profession and the practice existed before the first training. It is a profession that requires self-training and constant monitoring of the development of search engines and referencing techniques.

How to become an SEO consultant?

Note that there is a professional license “Referencer and Web Writer” dispensed at the IUT of Mulhouse since 2008. There are also other initial training from the bac +2 level where natural referencing is widely discussed. You can consult them on the Internet career portal . For current employees, the non-degree continuing education offer is more comprehensive. The qualities required Beyond the technical knowledge essential to the exercise of the profession, to become a good web SEO, the following qualities are essential: curiosity, versatility, rigor, pragmatism, autonomy and a sense of organization, a passion for web professions, an ability to listen and analyze, good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team, dynamism and a creative spirit, good writing skills, …

In order to identify all of the SEO issues, it is necessary to add to this list a mastery of the functional aspects of the company, of communication and of marketing. It all depends on your profile: If you are still a student, the most relevant advice is to orient yourself towards the license in SEO and web writing from the University of Mulhouse. For all the others, willpower, a lot of reading and practice allow them to learn the basics of the trade and to improve their skills. The majority of resources for training are in fact available on the Internet. You can start by reading all of Google’s recommendations available on its official webmaster blog .

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