As in previous years, for the SEO 2020 vintage, content creation is one of the most important components in an SEO strategy . It is this which allows to develop its visibility on the net. Remember, however, that you are writing for humans and not for Google’s algorithm. It is therefore not relevant to load your publication Oman Email List with keywords; not at the expense of substance and readability . We cannot repeat it enough: your content must be of quality . What is quality content? Your content must answer the questions that Internet users ask themselves with useful, recent and reliable information. It should also be structured with titles, boxes or bolding.

HTML markup must be designed in such a way as to highlight the most relevant information. Finally, it should be easy to read. Technical vocabulary must be popularized or explained. Sentences should be short (20 words maximum).  The BERT update has already taken its marks in the United States. We must therefore expect changes in the French SERP soon. Google is always trying to respond better to the user . This update allows the search engine to better understand natural language. This makes Google more precise: it no longer processes the words of a query one by one, but as a whole. The idea is to allow the user to get an exact and clear answer by asking a whole question , rather than short keywords.

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Content, still king for SEO 2020?

It is not possible to optimize your content around this new update. On the other hand, the importance of long tail keywords is emphasized more than ever. Voice search Voice search is gaining more and more ground. According to Google, in 2019, voice represented nearly 20% of searches . The explosion in sales of Google Home, but also of Amazon’s Alexa are certainly not for nothing. So much so that the search engine estimates the proportion of voice searches at 50% in 2020 . It will therefore be necessary to adapt to this development. The challenge is to carry out optimizations oriented both on short queries (for mobile search in particular), but also on long-tail keywords, in the form of questions.

Featured snippets When you ask Google a question, the search engine displays an insert at the top of the results page with the best answer to your question. This is called the “featured snippet” . The response displayed in this insert usually comes from the first 10 results of the query. You should know that nearly 40% of the answers given by Google Home come from these featured extracts . Voice search is gaining ground. It is therefore essential to optimize its content to appear in feature snippets. How to optimize for featured snippets? Once again, long tail keywords are preferred. Snippets most often appear in response to a question asked by the Internet user.

The importance of user intention

So work on the questions that your target might have and how they would formulate them. Do not hesitate to ask the question directly in your title tag and in your h1. Also, be sure to give a succinct (around 60 words), but clear, answer at the start of your introduction. The “Mobile First” Mobile search is also a major trend in SEO 2020. Almost 57% of visits from organic traffic are made from a mobile device . Except that the screen of a smartphone makes reading more difficult. Google values ​​the user experience and therefore the content that is suitable for reading on mobile . Only 12% of the results stay in the same place on mobile and desktop.

You must therefore optimize to make your content more readable on smartphones and tablets. Instead, focus on short paragraphs that are easier to read on small screens. You can also use bullets to state a list of ideas, this helps to break the block effect. Finally, do not hesitate to summarize your article from the introduction . The average attention span of an Internet user is on average 8 seconds. This will allow him to capture his attention to make him want to know more. Also, don’t forget to make sure your site is responsive . It is very easy to see what improvements need to be made and thus to work on a healthy basis. Analyzing a website with Screaming Frog allows you to: improve the referencing of the site check the correct functioning of this one such as


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