Self-editing checklist to avoid cliches Also, people rarely have to consciously avoid real plagues these days thanks to th. Iceland Phone Number.e marvels of modern medicine, so if you want to use a cliche, at least use a relevant cliche. This doesn.’t just apply to boring, tired sentences. This also most certainly applies to lazy filler phrases such as “At t.he end of the day…” Unless something relevant to your message happens at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter to us. Avoiding clichés in your work isn’t just about. Iceland Phone Number. getting your readers right – it’s about forcing your mind to think harder and more creatively about how to say something.

Using Cliches Isn’t Just Iceland Phone Number

Quick Tip: lazy – you’re insulting your readers by offering half-hearted work. You can do better and your readers deserve better. Iceland Phone Number 9. Read like a reader, think like an editor Writing can be a thankless and tedious task. All the time, the effort and expertise required to Iceland Phone Number create an engaging and actionable blog post (or essay or story) does not guarantee that anyone will actually read it. This can lead to what is called in writing workshops “being married to the work”. Sometimes the very notion of deleting huge chunks of your writing is just unthinkable.

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You’ve  polishing each sentence, so your readers will devote so much attention to reading it, right? Fake. Self-editing checklist thinking like an editor When you review a finished draft, think back to Iceland Phone Number. your title (strong, memorable) and ask yourself if you’re delivering on the promises you made. As you read each line and skim through each paragraph, put yourself in your reader’s shoes. You’re busy and dozens of other blog posts are vying for your attention. What makes yours so special? Why. . should the reader spend precious minutes of their life (which they will never return) reading your message?

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