Your safety “The work of a generation is beginning here .” Edward Snowden, 2013 Internet insecurity is pervasive and not everyone is equipped in the same way to deal with data harvesting, malware or cyber scams. What do you have to lose in this unequal duel against malicious people? All. digital agency mobile development ios android Belize Phone Numbers List Remember the wave of “ WannaCry ” malware that brought more than 150 countries and more than 300,000 users to their knees. You have nothing to hide, some of you will tell me. However, the Internet has become an essential platform in everyday life. When you fly, you pay online. Or, when you have intimate conversations with loved ones, you don’t like to be spied on.

Whenever we talk about confidentiality, we must systematically be demanding and make this fight: a priority! And for your application? digital agency mobile development ios android As we explained in the previous point, the dangers are innumerable and the safety of your application will depend essentially on the rigor with which you or your service provider will carry out its implementation. You should know that the devices are abundant , you still have to take the time to get informed in order to put them in place. Do you want to make security your main asset? You are on the right page! What practices do we implement to improve your security? Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as absolute security or zero risk, let alone in the area of ​​mobile applications.

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Even The Personalization Of Content.

Means implemented to improve the confidentiality of the ios & android application Write a secure code Writing a secure code is the first step in improving the reliability of your applications. To illustrate our point, we will take several examples of levers on which we can interact. Encrypt / encrypt / hash your data There are two different aspects to data encryption: data stored on the device and data sent and received on the device. The principle of security consists in scrambling the data recorded on a device in order to block its reading by third parties. Sensitive data is therefore stored in third-party containers in order to guarantee its protection. Use of internal repositories When writing the code, it will be necessary to systematically check the reliability of the various libraries in order to avoid any risk of taking control of the terminal.

Custom made API Taking code from another developer, even if it might seem reliable, represents a major risk to the safety of your application . For the sake of prevention, you must always keep in contact with this developer so that he can provide the source code of his API in order to review the procedures he has put in place and avoid unpleasant surprises. To this must also be added a significant risk which some people still overlook. It is common for companies to go through a reputable mobile agency in order to make a quality application. However, it does not always have the internal skills to perform and guarantee maintenance. Let us imagine that company A, in order to reduce the budget allocated to the application, decides to subcontract the maintenance of their application to company B.

They Also Allow A Better Understanding Of The Customer And Take Into Account His Habits As Well As His Preferences.

This same company B does not necessarily have the means in human resources or in the timing of perform this maintenance. Company B therefore decides to subcontract with a freelancer, except that in the process: it suffices for one of the databases to be compromised for its security to be called into question. As you will understand, this kind of system must be avoided at all costs. And thus, clarify with your service provider that he should not have recourse to subcontracting through a contract. Privilege management The transfer or even dismissal of an employee can pose a problem for you if this one has specific rights. With our advice, identify the users with privileges related to the administration of your application.

User rights management User rights management is fundamental to IT security. It identifies users who need access to the database. There are 3 different types of users: Administrator Application User In order to guarantee a high requirement regarding the management of privileges, it is necessary to provide the minimum of rights to the users . This is called the granting of least privilege. These permissions are selected based on the tasks to be performed, although they may change over time. Managing sessions In order to perfect the API, it must be assigned an authentication mechanism in order to make it less vulnerable to potential intrusions.

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