The email below is an example of one recent sale: Screenshot showing an email by TRIBE. In the subject line of this email, Tribe mentions the flash sale and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number deadline (11 pm) but doesn’t reveal the amount that is discounted. This gives the shopper a reason to open the email. Once the email is opened, the recipient can see the 25% discount offer and another Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number reminder that the offer expires at 11 pm. This creates an urgency to buy. In the text below the main CTA, Tribe offers even more value to the

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Shopper with a “free Tribe Shaker”. This all combines to create an irresistible offer and the hard deadline of 11 pm that forces the shopper to make a decision quickly. Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number By letting recipients know how long they have to make the purchase or take up an offer, you can use scarcity and FOMO (fear of missing out) to drive sales. UGG’S EXCLUSIVITY SALE Customers Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number  love to feel like VIPs. Ugg clearly understands this as illustrated by the below email. Screenshot showing a sale email by Ugg When you receive an

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Email like this, you can’t help but feel Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number special. The subject line “SALE preview for you! Plus, an EXTRA 10% off” makes customers feel like the offer is just for them. Throughout the email, customers see plenty of little touches that make them feel like a VIP. It’s a “Private” sale The discount code “SNEAKPEEK10” gives. The customer another feeling of exclusivity “Extra 10% off” gives the customer the chance to save more than an average Ugg customer

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