Google search results Add schema markup to your product or category page and use as many product properties* as possible. BOOSTING RANKINGS WITH THE RIGHT Honduras Phone Number CATEGORY PAGE TEXT Content on category pages has become a mere requirement. For certain Honduras Phone Number keywords. Search engines “expect” certain elements or content on a page if it wants to rank for a Honduras Phone Number certain keyword. Let’s look at an ecommerce example

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Even though backlinks are still the strongest ranking factor, content length and relevance have been getting stronger and stronger in the past years. Graph showing Honduras Phone Number content total word count You see category page text all over the internet now: Macys[*] QVC[*] Honduras Phone Number Amazon[*] Best Buy[*] But the content has to be more than long – it has to be good! “Good”, from Honduras Phone Number Google’s point of view, means relevant. In 2008, Google filed a patent that looks at ranking documents using word relationships.

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It means that when you want to rank for a keyword, you need to cover related queries in the content. Google uses Word2Vec with TensorFlow to map words on vectors and quantify their relationships. Screenshot showing relational information for different words For example, if you write about a car you need to mention windshield wipers, tires, horsepowers – basically all the relevant and important stuff. That’s also one reason for the importance of listing product specs in the content when trying to rank

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