UX and UI, what are they? In the digital age, the effectiveness of a product or service cannot be limited to the bare minimum of functionality . To satisfy technologically autonomous consumers, designers of products and services must use a user interface (UI | User Interface ) that gives them the best possible user experience (UX | User Experience ) . But what are UI and UX? Simply put, UI (user interface) refers to the elements that allow the user to interact with a product or service. These can be both physical (keyboards, mice, and buttons) and non-physical elements like pages, screens, icons and lights needed to use digital products or services.

UX (user experience) describes the satisfaction and internal experience gained by users when they interact with all aspects of the products and services offered by a company. ! (/ uploads / daniel-korpai-lTb4gJK_l1Q-unsplash (1) .jpg) Basic Slovenia WhatsApp Number List concepts and manifesto Understand the principles and main elements of UX To deliver great UX, designers must implement some fundamental concepts : interaction design, user interface design (UI Design), visual design, typography, usability, information architecture (AI) and strategy. of content.

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Each of these basic concepts essentially contributes to the UX of a site. They should not only be considered, but carefully implemented when implementing a UX strategy. Interface design is implemented to exploit clicks, views , and other actions taken by the user to create engaging systems of interaction. UI Design makes it possible to anticipate user actions and ensure that the interface is designed to facilitate these actions. The visual design , to provide a positive experience, integrates and operates visual elements: images, layout and typography.

Visual design matters as 75% of users rate a website’s credibility based on its overall aesthetic and visual elements. The typography guides the choice of the font and the layout of the displayed text. According to Sam Kapila The Iron Yard , UX designers are “the guides of the experience and the typography is the path that our users borrow”. A basic concept of UX, usability describes how users can effectively leverage a product to achieve their goals and satisfaction. It defines the bare minimum of UX .

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Creating the UX design structure of a website relies on Information Architecture (AI) while the selection and writing of useful content from product guides, blog posts, videos, podcasts, social media, etc. fall under the content strategy. Finally, the functionality must be scrupulously respected to allow users to carry out their actions and achieve their goals . The UX manifesto is anchored on three elements: principles, policy and plan. Seen from another perspective, we can also break the UX down into 3 parts . The principles encompass basic concepts, structures and processes.

The policy defines the cycle of use of the product, its standardization and other policies. The plan establishes the program for studying and monitoring UX in practice to assess and improve the user experience. Critical factors that influence your UX performance The basis of UX is rooted in the value proposition to users in the various aspects of the content provided to them. Above all, they must be able to find what is offered by a company so that it can be said to provide UX. Understand user psychology and adapt to changes in consumer behavior Integrating user psychology is crucial to improving UX .

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