This tool allows you in particular to work the internal mesh and the depth of the pages of your site, to detect the indexable and indexed pages (or not), as well as the pages which have been crawled by the crawlers. Finally, it is now possible, under the “Monitoring” tab, to monitor and modify your robots.txt file from the SEOlyzer interface. If you Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List want to optimize the SEO of your website, test SEOlyzer!Google’s recommendations (for mobile and desktop) are to remove or defer scripts that are not or little necessary for the stability and rendering of the site. Be careful not to abuse this option at the risk of impoverishing the user experience.

But the tool does not yet allow to know where these backlinks come from and whether they are of quality or not. To conclude, the new Google Search Console is essential for any SEO strategy. If you want to make the most of it, don’t hesitate to contact us ! Whoops! We almost forgot… There’s a brand new feature: Search Console Insights !You will not have any data on these expressions, neither search volumes, nor competition. They are arranged randomly. By copying your text into the tool or entering a URL, will grant you an optimization percentage, with the keywords already used and a note on the good readability of the article.

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Above all, it will help you spot relevant keywords that you might have forgotten. Of course for the tool to be effective, you must first have your main keyword. The free version is too limited to be effective. The premium subscription is 60 € per month. Your Text Guru: the web writing assistance tool Your Text Guru helps you work on your semantics , but also saves you time by providing you with a writing guide. It gives you suggestions for titles and sub-titles to process, and assists you in documentary research. The tool is very useful when you write your own content, but you are not a writing virtuoso or you run into the blank page syndrome. There is no free version. The monthly subscription is from 96 € per month including tax.

To conclude, keyword research remains the essential step in any SEO strategy. All the tools mentioned above can give you great help and save you precious time. It’s up to you to find the most suitable keyword research tool for your strategy and your budget . And if you want help with your keyword research, contact us ! A good description should be clear and short (around 150 characters), and should contain key words or phrases from the page. display product sheet in Google search Is SEO Optimization of Product Listing Necessary or Not? The product sheet generally contains few words (between 150 and 200 maximum). Excluding Google’s algorithm tends to favor quality and consistent content. Many large e-commerce brands thus prefer not to index product pages, but rather to work on category referencing .

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If you sell a lot of different products (> 1000 pages), it is better to adopt this technique. If you are a small craft business with few items for sale on your site, it may be more interesting to work on the SEO of your product pages, even if it means increasing the number of words between 250 and 300. And if you wish be supported in the optimization of your product sheets, do not hesitate to contact us .The final version presents other functionalities such as a real thematic classification, an induced Force (notion of thematic PageRank), a “similar site” functionality, an internal PageRank which can help you to analyze the quality of an internal link. , among many other features.

With a strong supportive community and a little elbow grease, WordPress offers more possibilities for a much lower cost (90 to 140 € / year). If you do not feel capable of it, your communication agency can help you.When your website has a large amount of content, which is organized in a strict and linear structure, Breadcrumbs can be used. This process can be used if you have an e-commerce site at your disposal . If your website has no hierarchical logic, and only has one level, you don’t need to use a breadcrumb trail for your website.A person primarily searches for a business with a lot of customer reviews and is more likely to choose one with a lower rating with a lot of reviews than a high rating with a few reviews.

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