According to Google, duplicate content can be summarized as follows: “Duplicate content is generally understood to mean large blocks of content, belonging to the same domain or spread over several domains, which are the same or substantially similar” Duplicate content Clearly, several links exist to access content that is unique to it. It is a great negligence which can have disastrous consequences. Such as the removal of the site from search results because it is considered to be: “polluting” or “irrelevant” site, loss of value of the content, loss of PageRank. duplicate-content www. or not ? Before reading what follows, make sure you have read the first two sections ( PageRank and Content ) of this “Let’s Talk SEO” series, otherwise you will quickly be lost.

The error often encountered on the web is accessing a site with the www and without the www, an error often linked to the absence of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Email Lists permanent redirection . We are going to see the different variants of Duplicate Content and the consequences that this will have on a site. We will call our site ”SiteA“. SiteA is poorly designed and can be accessed with or without www. There is also no SEO optimization and SiteA can also be accessed with or without a slash. There is an attempt to optimize the site but it was poorly done so each page has two access links. The page’s default link and the rewritten link (in an attempt to have “readable” links).

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Now imagine that we want to consult the “About” page of the site in question, here are the links that Google will have referenced. Now imagine that Google is not doing its job and that all these pages (remember that it is a single page of the site) are referenced. Here is the result obtained after a search with the keywords “siteAbout”: Example of duplicate content – duplicate content Results It’s really not that great. Without counting the loss of value of the page in question, which for example instead of having a PageRank of 5 (which is really not bad for an internal page) , will have a PageRank of… 0! And yes, because we divide the PageRank 5 by the 8 links and not by 1 single link.

5/1 = 5 whereas 5/8 is already much worse. Well we really took the worst possible example, but even in the case of a www duplication, it divides a PageRank value by 2. Theoretically, instead of having a home page with a PR 6 for example, we are found with: the home page with the www of a PR 3, and the same home page without the www of a PR 3. The site will therefore be less well referenced than a competitor who will have a lower PR (because less backlinks ), 4 for example, but will have optimized its SEO. Google penalizes sites with duplicate content because it negatively impacts the relevance of search results. Because Google doesn’t like wasting time sorting the links on your site and deciding whether or not to include a particular page.

What Does Google Think Of Duplicate Content?

This is also why a tag called ” canonical ” was put in place, in order to minimize the importance of involuntary duplications. It is also necessary that this tag is correctly used. SEO optimization is therefore very important and should not be neglected for its SEO.audience site anthedesign How to install Google Analytics on your website? It’s relatively simple, free and intuitive. A web agency generally offers you this service, while providing you with explanations and analysis of the data provided by Google Analytics. Another method, from a Gmail email account, you can create your account by filling in a form. Then you have general conditions to read and validate, you will then get instructions on the different steps to follow and it’s up to you!

audience analysis The controversy surrounding Google Analytics Google Analytics is not a tool certified by the OJD, an organization that labels audience measurement solutions on the Internet. Google is judge and party (as if you asked a student to correct his own copies and to mark himself) . Also be aware that by installing Google Analytics on your site, you are providing Google with strategic information about your business on the Internet. This question on the security and confidentiality of data is the first argument of “anti Google Analytics” . In short… Google Analytics is a real success ! This very powerful tool is a serious added value in terms of returns from marketing operations for a company. New features have arrived, in particular the possibility of measuring the loading time of its site such as.


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