Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. Here are the annual revenue categories we analyzed (n = number of companies): $10K-$100K (n = 40) $100K-$250K Croatia Phone Number  (n = 16) $250K-$1 million (n = 16) $1 million or more (n = 16). And here’s what we found… Graph Croatia Phone Number  showing number of articles per year eCommerce. Companies in the three highest revenue categories Croatia Phone Number seem to publish more articles per year. They all published close to 30 articles per year (yellow, red, and green bars), while companies in the lowest revenue

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Category (blue bar) published, on average, 20 articles per year. For example, Kettle and Fire (who is in the over $1 million category). Published more than once per Croatia Phone Number  week on their blog over the past year, and they have 204 articles live right now. Screenshot Croatia Phone Number  showing articles published in the past year. Compare that with a business in a lower-revenue category which only has four articles published in the past year. Screenshot showing results for articles shared in the past year It’s possible that the

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Companies in the lower revenue Croatia Phone Number  categories are newer. And are still catching up to the bigger guys in terms of the amount of content published. Key takeaway: If you’re a new eCommerce business or just want to scale your revenue, this data suggests that Croatia Phone Number you should take content marketing very seriously and publish more articles. #2: DO BACKLINKS Croatia Phone Number  REALLY AFFECT CONTENT MARKETING SUCCESS. Backlinks are a metric that’s been coveted and obsessed over almost since the start of search engines.

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