RankBrain is a Google algorithm based on artificial intelligence, its objective is to further improve search results, resulting in a new SEO criterion to be taken into account. ZEN READING google-rankbrainUpdated April 3, 2020 RankBrain is a continuation of the Hummingbird algorithm, which already had the main objective of improving the relevance of the results provided by the Google search engine. Google RankBrain goes even further in the process with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in its algorithm .  RankBrain is an algorithm created by Greg Corrado , a Google Senior Research Scientist specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The algorithm therefore incorporates artificial intelligence which aims to “translate” the Internet user’s request to the search engine to Macau Email List further improve its interpretation. Greg Corrado’s artificial intelligence and machine learning duo allows Google’s algorithm to learn new words and expressions which will then enrich its database. RankBrain is also able to understand expressions specific to each language, it could also allow a better understanding of complex voice requests. The Google RankBrain algorithm has been used since the beginning of 2015 and today processes 15% of Google requests , each of us can obtain results provided by artificial intelligence at any time .

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What is Google RankBrain?

During the DEEP LEARNING SUMMIT at SAN FRANCISCO in January 2015, Greg Corrado presented artificial intelligence applied to search engines. How does Rank Brain work? Greg Corrado explains to us that Rank Brain is able to convert impressive amounts of data written from the web into mathematical vectors called “vectors” that a computer can then interpret. If an uncommon or unknown vector is detected by the RankBrain algorithm, it will be compared to the closest vectors to establish a new relationship and propose a result, this result is then kept for machine learning. RankBrain therefore allows Google to offer relevant results on queries typed for the first time. Google processes 450 million new requests every day.

The main objective of RankBrain is therefore to better understand the meaning of words found in a web page. The algorithm can even offer you relevant pages that do not contain the words contained in your request, this result is obtained thanks to the connections between the different words of the request. A result signed RankBrain? Example of a potentially signed RankBrain search result: If I type the query ” what is a website remaking?” On Google, the first web page positioned in the natural search results does not include the word redo in its title and in its content. Google has yet deem this page more relevant than the one positioned below which has more words belonging to the query, both in the title and in the content, is this result from RankBrain?

The presentation of artificial intelligence by Greg Corrado

No certainty, it’s up to you to judge with the result of the research on the capture below. What is redoing a website – rankbrainResult in image of the request: what to redo a website? Referencing & SEO criteria: What changes? For all those who work on SEO correctly while respecting Google’s recommendations and our few SEO tips , the Google RankBrain algorithm can only be good news. A correctly structured and correctly optimized web page ( exclusive and quality content , well thought-out semantic markup and a well-written title,…) will have every chance of being well positioned on the 15% of requests processed by RankBrain.

To remember According to statements by Greg Corrado during an interview on Bloomberg com , RankBrain has even become the 3 rd most important SEO criterion in the ranking of Google engine results, reason enough for all SEO professionals to follow it. interest.

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