By proceeding in this way, Cuisine Actuelle avoids inflating its CLS. Also, in order to avoid leaving empty space after the advertisement appears, be sure to rely on historical data to determine the size of the advertisement. If you have any doubts, go for a relatively large size. A small empty space under your advertisement causes less problems than an advertisement which does not appear, for lack of space. Give dimensions to images In our previous example, this was mostly about giving the user’s browser a way to predict the future placement of an item that would load later. Let’s continue with this logic by giving the browser a clear indication of the size of the elements it should display. Indeed, it is common to see images whose dimensions are not specified.

In itself, this is not a problem! It is a technique often practiced since the advent of responsive design. This leaves it up to CSS to resize the images according to the size of the user’s screen. However, this technique forces the browser to fully Cayman Islands Email Addresses load the image before knowing its dimensions. Because it’s only when the image is fully loaded that CSS files can rework and resize it. Therefore, when an image is displayed on top of other content, the browser has no choice but to push this content lower to give the image the space necessary for its display, increasing thus the layout shift. Little advice ! Take the reflex to fill in the dimensions of your images: in absolute value (number of pixels); or relative (in percentage).

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What is Semrush?

The browser will then be able to immediately allocate the correct surface area to the image even before it is displayed. Simple settings for pop-ups and dynamic content Other types of content that often cause visual shifts are those injected dynamically or even pop-ups. This is particularly the case with GDPR banners, for example. To avoid the problem, favor the display of these elements in “overlay” mode in the settings of the plugin in question. Thus, these elements will be displayed superimposed on the content of the page and will not cause movement. There are many plugins that allow you to display embedded elements like: videos hosted on YouTube; or posts from social networks. The latter in particular often cause shifts in the layout. Why ?

Because social media posts don’t have a predefined, fixed size. Images, video or simply the size of the text are all elements that vary the size of the post. To improve your CLS score, you can pre-calculate the space required for the correct display of the on-board element. In order to allocate enough space to it and thus avoid any displacement of the other elements. Examine your item with your Developer Console, built into all browsers, and analyze the item in question to find its dimensions. Then create a space large enough to hold the item as a whole. It is the same technique as for advertising spaces, applied to on-board elements. By following these simple tips, you should be able to improve your CLS score. But remember that the CLS is just one metric among many.

What can be done with Semrush?

Originally designed to facilitate keyword research, Semrush has remarkably evolved into the essential lever for online business development . It offers very interesting features that have already been proven with more than 7 million users worldwide. In this guide, let’s discover the features of Semrush for your website.  Semrush is one of the favorite tools of SEO agencies . They use it to develop SEO strategies capable of propelling their websites to the first ranks in the SERPs . For this, Semrush offers more than 40 tools and more than 100 features just to develop your business on the Internet. This tool provides recommendations on content marketing, SEO natural referencing , SEA advertising , all to improve your visibility .

To get there, Semrush gives you access to the world’s largest database. We are talking about 20 billion keywords and 17 billion URLs crawled per day. Semrush is more than just a keyword research tool. It is also a compendium of digital marketing tools that propels you far ahead of your competitors. With this software you: optimize the SEO referencing of your website to colonize the first pages of Google find interesting topics for your readers and write quality content put in place an effective social media strategy maximize the performance of your advertising campaigns analyze your positioning and that of your competitors What are the features of Semrush?

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