On top of that, create additional content on your blog or on a Microsite. Screenshot showing a product page The more support you can provide online the faster you can help your customers. Remember, people don’t like to pick up the phone anymore, so make sure you put some love into your support content. After-sales revolves around repair, replacement or resale. Many manufacturers give the opportunity to rank for the corresponding keywords away.

Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

Instead, they leave a vacuum that’s filled by other businesses. Screenshot showing search results for “dyson vacuum cleaner” Optimizing for local keywords is Kazakhstan Phone Number the best way to go here because people usually look for help with a product locally. Start by checking the search volume for combinations of your brand and cities (e.g. “[brand][city]”). 3. Create Microsites around the biggest topics that answer all questions users have in every stage of the user journey, preferably with one piece of content each.

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Link to the pieces of content on category and product pages. In return, on the Microsites you should link to product and category pages. STRENGTHENING INTERNAL LINKING WITH HTML SITEMAPS AND FAT FOOTERS Internal linking optimization has a huge impact on organic rankings. For online shops with thousands of products and pages, it’s one of the most important levers. To fully assess it, I’d have to completely crawl a site, which is impossible for giants like Amazon or eBay.

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