Between natural referencing and user experience, here is how to optimize your product page descriptions. The title is an important part of your listing . It must clearly and succinctly describe the product for sale. The prospect must be able to find and identify it easily from the Google results pages. The title must therefore correspond Philippines Email Lists straight away to what the Internet user expects by clicking on the link. This title generally contains the main keyword of the page, often the name of the product, a brief description of the product, and possibly the brand for a marketplace ad, for example (Amazon, Fnac, etc.).

If your title is not accurate or does not match the query of your potential customers, you risk having a lot of bounce and a very low conversion rate . To give a concrete example: you sell cameras. You will then have to specify in your product sheet the type of camera (compact, reflex, bridge, hybrid, etc.), the make and model of the camera in question, and possibly the references of the body and the lens. product sheet fujifilm camera  Your product sheet should include a short and unique description, while including all the essential information at a glance. To go straight to the point The writing style should be direct, without metaphors or convoluted phrases. Your sentences should be short.

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A direct title that leaves no room for doubt for your product sheet

The goal here is to show the Internet user that your product meets their expectations. The first lines of the description must therefore answer its questions: functionalities, colors, technical characteristics, etc. The style must remain natural. It is the user experience that will count above all else. In the case of a device, we can for example highlight key features such as the touch screen, a bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, the quality and definition of the image (HD, 4K, etc.) or even its light weight … description of a Fujifilm product on a product sheet If the description appeals to the user, he will then go to the technical sheet with the details of the product to find out more. Put yourself in the consumer’s shoes Writing product sheets therefore involves putting yourself in the shoes of the user of your website.

You have to ask yourself what the consumer expects from the product and therefore indicate the right information. But besides the technical characteristics, which we have already spoken about, you can use copywriting to project the prospect into the use of the product. The idea here is to highlight the potential of the latter, both on a practical and “psychological” level. In the example of the camera, you can, for example, bet on the adventure and travel aspect and the possibility of anchoring memories of exceptional landscapes, with an image quality truer of nature. Be careful not to embellish the possibilities of the products too much. Even the best camera in the world won’t turn an amateur into a professional.

Product sheet: a concise, personalized and clear description

Product description – product sheet Do not copy the descriptions of your suppliers It is also important to personalize the content of your listings , especially if you are not making it yourself. You will always have to rewrite the description produced by your supplier. Likewise, if you have several similar items, you will have to write a different description for each product, trying not to repeat the same thing over and over again. The primary interest is not to encounter duplicate content concerns which could impact your SEO. But personalization is also important for the user. The technical characteristics sought will not necessarily be the same for a professional audience (photographers, dealers, rental companies, etc.) as for an amateur audience.

Work on product visuals For the Internet user, buying from an online store means buying a product even before having seen, touched or tried it. The visuals are essential to help your client visualize and build confidence. Depending on the items for sale, it will sometimes be necessary to upload several photos from several angles. Some e-commerce sites also allow viewing of a video or a 3D visualization of the product. Optimize your meta tags Whether for user experience or SEO optimization, you will have to choose a title and write a meta-description for each product sheet. By default, the Google robot will display the metadata it finds. If it does not impact your SEO strictly speaking, a well-written tag will allow you to increase your click-through rate . Indeed, it allows you to directly indicate to the Internet user what he will find by clicking on your product page.

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