In the medical sector, augmented reality techniques make it possible to perform surgical interventions in a controlled environment. Thus, surgeons benefit from increased sensory perception, which limits the risks associated with operations. In Senegal WhatsApp Number List navigation systems, augmented reality offers a simplified driving experience and makes it possible to obtain information in real time. Augmented reality has also enabled innovations in the field of tourism by replacing tourist guides.

Tourists can now browse historic sites by viewing the specifics of the place on their smartphone. Finally, augmented reality is now used all over the world in the fields of advertising and promotion, since it allows increased connectivity with customers and, consequently, improved customer engagement. Applications of augmented reality and impact on e-commerce performance. Augmented reality is an emerging technology that is of great interest to a growing number of retail giants such as Adidas and , who seek to maximize customer engagement by offering product presentations in interactive 3D. Augmented reality is now popular with businesses and customers alike.

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Human-computer Interaction Has Already Made Significant Progress

In a 2017 report, Yim, Chu and Sauer note that augmented reality is on the rise and its market share will likely grow from $ 640.2 million in 2015 to $ 120 billion in 2020. Additionally, Nyma Malik writes in a 2018 article that around 40% of customers are willing to spend more on purchasing a product if they have the opportunity to test it through augmented reality. Indeed, the latter allows them to more easily explore the options of the product and to customize or personalize it. Thus, it is conceivable that 70% of customers are more loyal to brands that incorporate augmented reality into their shopping experience.

Augmented reality: definition, applications, advantages, examples 1 Many companies in the luxury sector make use of augmented reality in order to increase their connection with consumers and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Among them are L’Oréal, Baume, Sephora, Adidas, Nike and Snap. ! [Augmented reality: definition, applications, advantages, examples 2] (/ uploads / AR solutions.jpg) Source: Sephora Virtual Artist For example, cosmetics brand Sephora uses technology that allows its customers to test makeup virtually and see results in real time without having to apply it directly to their face, which would result in damaging their own.

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makeup and would be expensive in financial and human resources. This use of augmented reality as part of customer service has been extremely beneficial to Sephora, as it has established both the physical and virtual reputation of the brand which, as a result, has seen its sales increase considerably. More and more big names in the business are interested in augmented reality to revitalize their sales. In 2018, Paine established a list of companies that are taking advantage of augmented reality to strengthen their brand image and increase their customer engagement.

Among those : Ikea has launched an augmented reality visualization application, thanks to which their customers can place virtual products, such as furniture or hi-fi equipment, in their interiors and see the result in real time on their smartphone screens. Amazon has developed a similar application for certain products, such as home furnishings and hi-fi equipment. eBay has launched a tool in their e-commerce application that allows users to view and select their shipping packaging.

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