The primary objective of the positioning audit is to know your positions on your keywords but not that …A positioning audit is an analysis of the positions obtained by your web pages in the search results on a series of targeted keywords. It can be done manually or with the help of software (SEO analysis tool) . In both cases, the expertise Gambia Email List of an SEO professional is essential to decipher the positioning audit and set up an SEO strategy.  A positioning audit of your web pages is one of the most important steps before undertaking any positioning strategy. The audit is used to have a precise and global vision of the positions of your pages on all of your keywords .

Regularly auditing the positioning of your web pages allows you to keep a history and build your natural referencing strategy. Building a SEO strategy in 6 steps An audit also makes it possible to identify blocking elements thanks to the analysis of the pages offered by certain SEO software (SEEURANK from Yooda for example) . To make further progress in the SEO optimization of your web pages, it is also possible to analyze the web pages of your competitors positioned on your keywords. How to carry out a positioning audit? To carry out a positioning audit on Google, you have the choice of tools and methods. There are both free tools for getting started and professional tools.

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What is a positioning audit?

Free tools perform reliable positioning audits, however they do not offer all the functionality of paid tools. Positioning analysis tools 1 – The manual method Search engines: preferably use a non-tracking search engine using Google’s algorithm such as Startpage , you will be sure to know your real ranking. This method is long and tedious, moreover you do not have the history of your positions, you will therefore be forced to fill in an excel file to use the data collected. STARTPAGE 2 – Automated solutions Soft SEO: It allows you to know the positions of any site on Google on different keywords, it is light and very easy to use. It also makes it possible to follow the evolution of the positioning over time. Its only big flaw: it is no longer kept up to date and it is not compatible with Windows 10.

THIS SOFT Google Search Console : Once your website is connected to Google Search Console ( GSC ) , go to the search analysis section. You will see all the queries typed on Google that displayed a link to your site. You will also see the number of clicks obtained for each page of your site, with the associated request and the average position. The tracking of your positioning is limited to 90 days. Google Search Console search analysisGoogle Search Console search analysis Yooda SEEURANK : It is a paid SEO analysis software that performs positioning audits with as many keywords as you want. It keeps the history of your positions on each of these. Finally, you can also plan your positioning audits.

Why audit the positioning of your website?

You can also compare your positions with those of your competitors and go as far as analyzing their web pages. And the icing on the cake, the SEO software tells you the average number of monthly searches in France for each of the audited keywords . It even gives you an estimate of your SEO traffic on those same keywords. positioning audit yooda seeurankEvolution of positions – positioning audit Yooda Seeurank Yooda SEEURANK and Yooda INSIGHT are the SEO software most used by SEO professionals (in France) . Its competitors are: RANK.FR, MyPoseo,, Ranking Metrics, … As part of a positioning strategy, it is important to keep the history of your positions to measure the effectiveness of your SEO optimization actions .

Only paid software offers you this functionality. The advantage of a professional and automated solution is the saving of time. It is not uncommon to follow the positioning of a site on more than a hundred keywords, a manual method is therefore excluded to follow as many keywords. To conclude, If you want to improve your positioning as part of an SEO strategy, do not hesitate to contact us and take the opportunity for a complete audit of your website .Ahrefs rank and Majestic SEO metrics ( Trust Flow TF and Citation Flow CF) DOMRAIDER domain name purchase for netlinking Once your domain is purchased, simply use it with setting up a 301 redirect or leverage it again by going up a site. To increase the number of your backlinks without risking the sanction by Penguin, the technique of netlinking to privilege is undoubtedly the link baiting.

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