When it comes to a competition, the advantages are not obvious. In addition, it is true that we very often see these games scrolling on our Facebook or Instagram news feeds. But there, First, it’s a matter of practice: All of your contests are Brazil Phone Number List centralized, and you don’t need to invade your customers’ Facebook news feeds. Then, you do not retain that part of your current customers. Indeed on Facebook, Instagram or other network, your followers are customers who are generally already in touch with your brand or your company.

Thus the games or contests published on these social networks will mainly target this audience. However, if you are using an independent mobile app, the link between your app and your business is only implicit and encourages the entry of new users. In addition, you are using a new communication channel. You are therefore active on different platforms, which is another factor allowing you to target a new audience. And above all, it must get involved to get its teams to join. This is all the more important as most managers do not have solid skills in the development and use of digital tools. And we must therefore support and train them to take them to the next level.

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The challenge of digitization is therefore not technological but rather human. The hybrid model according to SQUIRREL As part of all the Digital integration projects on which we work with our clients, we use a proven organizational management model. The principle is simple. Each of the different departments of the company is empowered in the process of configuring this hybrid model and will have its own digital resources to meet its needs. All the departments are of course connected and coordinated by a dedicated team which will supervise the entire activity. This is about finding a balance between centralization and decentralization of digitization in your company.

digital experience Sources: Mogus et al (2011a) Train your teams digitally with SQUIRREL trainers As I told you earlier, it is crucial to train your teams in digital technology . Indeed, over the years, we have observed among our clients that they were sorely lacking in digital skills in their organization and gradually they asked us to take care of the training of certain employees. This is why we have created a Training department to meet all the needs of our customers. Our team has participated in the development of many applications of all types that could help you digitize and make all the difference. Do not hesitate to consult our site for more information.

The Digital Agency Squirrel Is Recruiting A Position Of Product Owner

A real growth factor, digitization is an opportunity that a company must consider. Indeed, it is an essential step in a hyper-connected world.It is therefore essential to surround yourself well to catch up and ensure your survival in the market. Thus, the support is essential during this transition period in order not to false start. This is why our SQUIRREL agency can be a real extension of your team. But aren’t millennials and digital natives the employees of tomorrow? For you, the advantage is that you benefit from saving time on interactions that can be automated. On your website, you can set up a chatbot and / or an FAQ so that visitors can find answers to the most commonly asked questions. This avoids overloading your call services and focusing only on major issues.

increase your profits In addition, digital marketing makes it possible to target your core target even more precisely for a lower budget than traditional methods. With a classic marketing campaign based on TV spots, radio spots and billboards, the costs can quickly reach colossal amounts. Conversely, a digital campaign improves your traffic in order to convert more qualified prospects into customers. With CRM tools you could process your customers’ data more adequately. You will be able to propose offers according to the maturity of your visitors, that is to say, you will be able to choose the opportune moment to take an action that will have to make your prospect more easily progress towards the purchase. Your website is a centerpiece that allows you to sell more, reduce the cost of acquiring a customer and thus increase your margins as a result.

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