Site and sends you an email notification. Click here to install Broken Link Checker. Let’s say you just launched a new product. You link to it in your menu, put a link in your existing product pages and add a few links to your popular articles. You think you’re all set, but there’s a problem: You mistyped the link to the product page, meaning all those visitors who would be checking out your new product and potentially buying it? They’re going to a 404 page. Sounds like your worst nightmare, right? That means that you’re

Profiler Plugins take your Word

Giving up potentially hundreds of dollars worth of sales each day. But not if you have Broken Link Checker. Screenshot showing settings on WordPress Peru Phone Number automatically. Checks links for you and sends you an email to let you know if there are any   broken links. Saving you from losing sales and making your visitors 404. #6: WP PERFORMANCE PROFILER Key Takeaway: WP Performance Profiler monitors and detects plugins that slow down your site.

Click here to install WP Performance Profiler. Plugins take your WordPress site from empty blogging shell to functional ecommerce store, but some plugins can also slow down your site. And since page speed (the amount of time it takes for your pages to load for your visitors) impacts SEO, this is bad news.[*] Enter WP Performance Profiler. Screenshot showing “performance profiler” It tells you the average amount of time (in milliseconds) the plugin or theme

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