Digitization has been described by Gartner as “the use of digital technologies to transform the business model and offer new opportunities for income and value creation: it is the process of transition to the digital enterprise”. Over the past decades, companies have migrated to digitalization . They have taken a more technological approach to harness digital tools in day-to-day tasks, both at the individual and organizational level, and to achieve more accessible and transparent data, faster processes and higher productivity .

Businesses embrace digital transformation to break free from traditional static approaches Digitization quickly gave birth to a related term: “Digital Transformation / DX ( Digital Transformation )” . It refers to how companies prioritize IT Benin WhatsApp Number List modernization and digital optimization to create better business models that rediscover and meet customer raw needs. It may sound like a very complicated concept, but in reality digital transformation has already been implemented or at least initiated by all companies. A simplified 3D visualization demonstration designed by luxury brand Lolo Chatenay and tech startup Hapticmedia .

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Transform Operations, Processes And Systems The Way Business Is Done Around The World Is Changing At A Rapid Pace.

Ready to use 3D visualization and configuration like Guerlain, Baume, Kenzo to achieve higher conversion rates? Contact Hapticmedia for a free quote! As TechPro Research shows , 70% of companies have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on it. And the IDG Digital Business study shows that 44% of companies have fully embraced a digital- centric approach to business . For those who doubt digitization, the warnings are everywhere. In the 21st century, digitization has become essential for any company wishing to remain competitive. As the COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated, the slow digital response can shatter an organization , regardless of its size.

The most notable examples are Neiman Marcus , Bergdorf Goodman, Mytheresa, Horchow and Last Call. Growing consumer interest in digital experiences and online content. Digitization has become crucial for businesses as consumers are constantly developing new purchasing models and new demands. According to WeareSocial and Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 report , more than 4.54 billion people (approximately 60% of the world’s population) are online today and 5.19 billion use a mobile phone . In 2019 alone, 298 million people, mostly in developing countries, joined the World Wide Web.

This Is Because Technology Is Advancing So Rapidly That It Is Making Things Unimaginable Before Possible.

The average internet user now spends 6 hours and 43 minutes online each day surfing websites, expressing themselves on social media, using apps, enjoying the benefits of online shopping and streaming services, etc. During the confinement also, the digital consumption could increase to 60% or more according to a Nielsen study. Even in Hong Kong, which has traditionally been a physical store market, consumers quickly adjusted and downloaded e-commerce apps. Additionally, in Asia, the region first hit by COVID-19, social media has quickly become a platform for sharing information on COVID-19 cases and related regulations .

Increase business investment in digital transformation Now, companies around the world are investing in the digital transformation of business models, customer and channel engagement , products and services, business models and operations. The International Data Corporation predicts that investments in digital technologies will increase across all sectors , between 15% and 20%, as global digital transformation spending already exceeded $ 1,000 billion in 2018 . What are the pillars of a successful digital transformation journey? Pillar n ° 1: a digital strategy and a new business model to innovate and capture value Everything you always wanted to know about digitization 1 Source: The Digital Enterprise Moving from experimentation to transformation .

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