Dior like and many others, also rely on iconic models, real permanent bestsellers. Timeless figures constantly brought up to date, which establish themselves as unsurpassable benchmarks of luxury. In this respect, the Louis Vuitton logo or the Burberry Australia WhatsApp Number List motif constitute absolute signs of recognition of luxury. Image credit : Hermès iconic Birkin bag On this ground, traditional luxury houses therefore seem better equipped. On the other hand, they have their own challenge to take up, including that of not getting stuck in their past. In this sense, they can draw inspiration from young brands, which easily embrace the codes of their time.

Indeed, if luxury plays with fashions, it cannot emancipate itself from the society in which it operates and must therefore do everything to register, without denying its DNA. Image credit: Burberry campaign with its iconic motif ( Grailed ) Luxury anchored in a society on the move Today, because ethical concerns, social and environmental responsibility or inclusiveness are pervasive in our society, luxury cannot ignore them. The new brands in the sector have understood this well and appeal to the younger generations who recognize themselves in these ecological and societal values. The jeweler Courbet has made a name for himself in a few years by communicating about its synthetic diamonds, while La Bouche Rouge with its natural products is launching new challenges for traditional cosmetic brands.

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The Third Revolution Takes Place In The Second Half Of The 20th Century.

Image credit : Courbet ( Positive Luxury ) But is this notion of responsibility really new? Luxury, in fact, has always been sustainable. Transmission is even at the heart of its values. A luxury watch is designed to last a lifetime and beyond. However, this persistence must now be taken a step further. The choice and origin of materials, the manufacture of the product and its distribution methods are obliged to fully integrate this CSR dimension. There is no longer any question of relocating production to the other side of the world or of using raw materials that harm the environment for reasons of economy or design. Image credit : La Bouche Rouge This is why the emerging luxury brands are placing responsibility at the heart of their model.

They lay these new foundations that traditional players are embracing in turn so as not to be left behind. In the same way that Prada , Stella McCartney or Versace gave up using animal fur in their creations a few years ago, all of them now communicate about their social and environmental commitments, with varying degrees of success. Thus, Burberry aroused the outrage of the general public in 2018, after having burned more than 28 million pounds of unsold products. Image credit : Prada ad renounces fur ( Luxury Journal ) Statutory in the 1950s, flashy in the 1980s, more experiential and responsible today, luxury has never really changed.

The Rise Of Electricity Is Also Enabling The Electrification Of Modern Factories And Production Chains.

He was content, as he always has, to adapt to the challenges and expectations of his time. To do this, it constantly arbitrates between its 3 main sliders – exception, excellence and emotion – in order to position them in the right way, in the right place and at the right time. If the codes of luxury consumption today are not those of yesterday or tomorrow, the concept of luxury, on the other hand, remains intangible. A perception which joins the thought of the philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky, when he affirms that luxury is, at bottom, only “the perfect mirror of our civilization”. Global trade is changing at an accelerating pace. This is because technology is evolving at such a speed that it opens up possibilities never seen before.

Smart factories, the internet of things, robotics, location technologies, advanced human-machine interfaces, 3D printing, augmented reality, big data and 3D technology , among other examples, are reshaping the way companies produce and whose customers research and interact with products before they buy them. Industry 4.0 is a new wave that will redefine commerce in the decades to come. However, in order to fully understand the nature of the change that Industry 4.0 is heralding, it is necessary to understand what the first three industrial revolutions were . Industries 1.0 – 3.0 The first industrial revolution (industry 1.0) took place between 1760 and 1840.

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